October 2010

Just like a blog, but with a whole bunch of friends!

Thumbnail image for Just like a blog, but with a whole bunch of friends! by DaleForbes 31 October 2010

Why I blog? Every now and again a blogger asks themselves, just why do I do this? The answer for me has always been clear. I really love nature and I love sharing my passion with people. The other reason is that blogging about what I see and experience gives me just another reason to […]

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What and Wow

Thumbnail image for What and Wow by MartinGarner 30 October 2010

2 Words vital to Birding I was 11 years old. A (Barn) Swallow was nesting under some eaves at our house in Northern England. I watched, mesmerised as it collected mud on our road to add to the nest structure. Amazing tail streamers in flight, iridescent colours. It captured my imagination. It was a big WOW! Then my Dad told me […]

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Unique way of birding trip reporting

Thumbnail image for Unique way of birding trip reporting by Gyorgy Szimuly 29 October 2010

Most of the non-lazy birdwatchers are keen to share experiences of their birding trips from preparation to the full list of birds. While many of them are detailed it is sometimes quite hard to track the records which site they belong to. A few weeks ago I  came across a very cool online tool called […]

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Birds and bloggers

Thumbnail image for Birds and bloggers by dAwN FiNe 29 October 2010

First, I want to say… Hello everyone! or, as you will see on all my future posts my signature  Howdee all, Secondly…. What the heck am I doing here with all these famous, time proven birders, bird bloggers, writers, photographers? These people can write…..I cant even spell.  Forget punctuation. I obviously don’t have much regard […]

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Fair Isle Daze

Thumbnail image for Fair Isle Daze by Rebecca Nason 28 October 2010

I am currently on my favourite Isle, a place which over the last 7 years has become my second home – Fair Isle. Fair Isle is a tiny Island, Britain’s remotest, inhabited Island – being approximately 3 miles long by 1.5 miles wide & is the most Southerly Isle of the Shetland Islands, sandwiched between […]

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Consider the Yellow-rumped

Thumbnail image for Consider the Yellow-rumped by JeffGordon 27 October 2010

Hello, everyone! Below is a 49 second video of a Yellow-rumped Warbler. It’s a Yellow-rumped Warbler that was hanging around in the vicinity of a lot of noisy, noisy Canada Geese, so you might want to turn the volume down before clicking play. (If you don’t see the video player above, try reloading the page. […]

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Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Brazil

Thumbnail image for Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Brazil by Rich Hoyer 26 October 2010

One of My Favorite Places in the World Cristalino Jungle Lodge is one of my favorite places on Earth. OK, you could probably put me almost anywhere in the Amazon Basin and I’d be in a natural history nirvana. But maybe since I spent two full months at Cristalino, the place and the people really […]

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A bit of Extremaduran birding

Thumbnail image for A bit of Extremaduran birding by DaleForbes 24 October 2010

So I came to Extremedura (western Spain) hoping to get some quality time with some of Europe´s most spectacular raptors. Well, the eagles have been playing very scarce (only got a quick glimpse of a Spanish Imperial Eagle as being my only one in 3 days birding), but boy have the vultures given us a […]

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Birds from Sulawesi

Thumbnail image for Birds from Sulawesi by SusanMyers 23 October 2010

Susan Myers is in techno-wilderness of Halmahera. Here she sends some Sulawesi bird pictures from her iPhone!

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Addicted to birdwatching

Thumbnail image for Addicted to birdwatching by Gyorgy Szimuly 22 October 2010

Szimi Style birding Shorebirds, bird conservation, travelling for birds and bird photography and recently a blogger… these are the keywords which could describe me and my birding interest. I thought I share a few details about me before starting to post regularly to birdingblogs.com. I live in Hungary, in a small town, called Tata, which […]

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Lovable gulls for gull-haters!

Thumbnail image for Lovable gulls for gull-haters! by Kenn Kaufman 21 October 2010

First: ugly Gulls! I admit it: I love gulls.  They are endlessly fascinating and challenging.  If we look at a gull flock closely, we find that no two individuals look exactly the same.  They vary with age, season, and individual, many species are confusingly similar, and they often hybridize, further adding to the challenge of […]

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Multi-author birding blog launched

Thumbnail image for Multi-author birding blog launched by Gunnar 20 October 2010

A brand new blog for birders with many well known names such as Kenn Kaufman, Jeff Gordon, Martin Garner, Tom McKinney among the 11 birders participating in the birdingblogs.com project that is being launched today. This is going to be a great ride. Fasten your seatbelts.

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