December 2010

Winter Birding in Oregon

Thumbnail image for Winter Birding in Oregon by Rich Hoyer 16 December 2010

My excuse for not blogging on time in my usual Tuesday slot has been heard before – it’s that busy holiday time of year. But if you were leaving for a 10-day trip and had committed yourself to making 18 different confections for Christmas gifts, you’d be a little behind too. Committed is what I […]

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Snow Birding

Thumbnail image for Snow Birding by MartinGarner 14 December 2010

I like the Snow! But then I did spend 8 childhood years in Canada, 2 of them in Brandon, Manitoba where temperatures reached down to -40 degrees. Cold- you have no idea! The door would be open to a 9 foot wall of  white- snow drift. Cars would clunk down the road each morning, on […]

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Finding Gurney’s Pittas

Thumbnail image for Finding Gurney’s Pittas by DaleForbes 12 December 2010

Crouched in the undergrowth of a mosquito and leech-filled tropical forest I waited quietly, and patiently, for yet another view of the Gurney’s Pitta. I knew his ritual: every 35-55 minutes he came on a feeding cycle through this area. I never knew when he was going to appear and there was no way to […]

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The final 50 Best Birds in Asia!

Thumbnail image for The final 50 Best Birds in Asia! by SusanMyers 10 December 2010

So here is the final list of ten to make up the fifty. The process of putting it together has been, if totally random. Sadly, I didn’t receive any suggestions although earlier I did promise to include Wallcreeper. I have no problem with that! Now THAT is a fancy bird (even if it is found […]

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A Fresh New Image for the BTO

Thumbnail image for A Fresh New Image for the BTO by Rebecca Nason 10 December 2010

New logo for BTO The British Trust for Ornithology has just revealed it’s new look website, logo and image!! On their website it states the following: Welcome to the new website – the first evidence of a fresh BTO image. It still has links to your favourite surveys and traditional features, such as BirdFacts and Bird trends, […]

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Iquitos Gnatcatcher Gets a Conservation Boost

Thumbnail image for Iquitos Gnatcatcher Gets a Conservation Boost by Rich Hoyer 10 December 2010

I got lucky to see this rare and local species this past July just outside of Iquitos, Peru while leading a private tour. The Allpahuayo Preserve has relatively low diversity for being in the Amazon Basin, due to the nutrient-poor soil that has effects all down the food chain. But this habitat occurs only in […]

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Featured Bird Blogger of the Week

Thumbnail image for Featured Bird Blogger of the Week by dAwN FiNe 10 December 2010

Howdee all, Here we are again…Are you ready for week six of Featured Bird Blogger? I hope you have been following all of the wonderful Bird bloggers I have introduced you to. This week I am thrilled to introduce you to Robert Mortensen.  If you follow his blog you may have this logo image of […]

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Addicted to – Bird Art . . . .

Thumbnail image for Addicted to – Bird Art . . . . by Rebecca Nason 10 December 2010

I have to confess to being a lover of fine bird art, from the modern to the antique. At the Bird Fair each August in Rutland, UK, I have a stand in the art marquee where I sell my photographs and have enjoyed exhibiting and selling my work there for 6 years now. However, every […]

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What’s your Christmas BIRD?

Thumbnail image for What’s your Christmas BIRD? by MartinGarner 8 December 2010

In the UK we will soon be besieged with Christmas cards. THE bird species which will be more in evidence than any other will be the European Robin. Not the Robin of North America (Turdus migratorius), but a much smaller cuter -looking, super aggressive chat. Often known as the gardeners  friend, our resident British birds are often quite tame. However we are invaded each autumn […]

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Scouting the Caribbean Slope of Costa Rica

Thumbnail image for Scouting the Caribbean Slope of Costa Rica by Rich Hoyer 7 December 2010

I just spent five days in Costa Rica scouting some new lodges that I plan on including on my new July tour next year. I had actually seen the Caribbean Sea of Costa Rica once before – on a very clear day from the upper Reventazón River drainage in the mountains. This time I got […]

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Snow Buntings in a suit

Thumbnail image for Snow Buntings in a suit by DaleForbes 5 December 2010

Tirol is a pretty much a winter wonderland – great big pointy Alps, covered in fluffy white snow. Picture book, really. And you would think that with all these great big mountains and snow, that we would have an abundance of all these birds that call themselves Snow-somethingorother. Like Snowfinch (tick), Snow Geese (we have […]

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Gull-ty Pleasure

Thumbnail image for Gull-ty Pleasure by Rebecca Nason 4 December 2010

UK Winter Wonderland – The weather in the UK has been more reminiscent of Siberia over the past 10 days of so, with thick snow in many parts and near constant minus temperatures. Now back in Suffolk after our Autumn on Fair Isle, we have been quite literally in the thick of it with over a […]

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The Fifty Best Birds in Asia: Part 4

Thumbnail image for The Fifty Best Birds in Asia: Part 4 by SusanMyers 4 December 2010

Sadly, I’m running out of my own photos to post. Hmmm, funny how so many birds I have taken photos of appear in my Top Fifty… Make of it what you will! I do have to admit that part of the reason is that I’m of the belief that blogs are best suited to postings […]

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Featured Bird Blogger of the Week

Thumbnail image for Featured Bird Blogger of the Week by dAwN FiNe 3 December 2010

Howdee all, Its that time again…Week five of Featured Bird Blogger of the Week. Yippee! This week I would like to introduce you to Dan Huber of Nature Observances. I first met Dan a few years ago at one of my Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp outings. Dan was new to birding and he […]

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Worthen’s Sparrow: What is it?

Thumbnail image for Worthen’s Sparrow: What is it? by Kenn Kaufman 1 December 2010

Worthen’s Sparrow (Spizella wortheni) has been a creature of mystery ever since its discovery.  It was first found in the southwestern United States, near Silver City, New Mexico, in June 1884, but it has never been found north of the border since then.  Its total known range today is a limited area on the northern […]

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