Long-whiskered Owlet

Thumbnail image for Long-whiskered Owlet by Gunnar 29 December 2010

Mythical Owl now easier to see than ever This rare Owl discovered only in 1977 and until recently just not wanting to show to birders. This year there has been a virtual inflation of sightings. More people than ever have laid eyes on this minute and cute Owlet. Having said that, I still have not […]

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Birding with an iPad

Thumbnail image for Birding with an iPad by Gunnar 26 December 2010

Ipad for birders So did you get a new iPad for Christmas? Are you thinking of getting one? I wrote some first thoughts about the Ipad for birding when it was still released on my blog: 5 reasons why the iPad will be useful for birders and today I saw this review by Drew Weber […]

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Jocotoco Christmas

Thumbnail image for Jocotoco Christmas by Gunnar 22 December 2010

Jocotoco Antpitta was sensationally discovered in 1997 by Bob Ridgely in SE Ecuador. Money was raised to buy land where it occured to form a private reserve. This was the base of Jocotoco Foundation. Now at the Tapichalaca reserve there is a comfortable lodge and the Jocotoco Antpitta can easily be seen at the worm feeding station.

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African vultures also in Danger

Thumbnail image for African vultures also in Danger by Gunnar 22 December 2010

Kenya Vultures declining! Most birders have heard of the critical state of the vultures of the Indean Subcontinent because the use of Dichlophenac to treat sick livestock, and in the dead animals is highly. The discovery of the cause of the decline of the Indean Vultures was quite a sensation (see link) and it was […]

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Undescribed and new bird species on the Satipo road, Peru

Thumbnail image for Undescribed and new bird species on the Satipo road, Peru by Gunnar 20 December 2010

10 years  exploring Satipo road As mentioned in my last blogpost about Eye-ringed Thistletail (photo above), I have been on a photographic expedition with Hadoram Shirihai and David Beadle in Central Peru. When I wrote this we had just come out from the Satipo road area, where I have long been involved in a community based […]

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Eye-ringed Thistletail Schizoeaca palpebralis – Threatened?

Thumbnail image for Eye-ringed Thistletail Schizoeaca palpebralis – Threatened? by Gunnar 24 November 2010

Eye-ringed Thistletail of the Satipo road and which Birdlife International presently consider Least Concern, should maybe best be considered threatened, since the restricted area where it occurs, is under threat from quite immediate rural development through agriculture and livestock. Money is being poured into the rural areas through the mining compensations and compensation to the victims of terrorism of the 80s and early 90s. Check out the great pictures of Hadoram Shirihai.

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Central Peru birding videos

Thumbnail image for Central Peru birding videos by Gunnar 17 November 2010

I would have liked to write a long post about Satipo road, where I shall be heading in a couple of days, since there now is a basic lodge to stay (see top picture). The community is  running a lodge for birders (see the top photo). All this as a result of taking a few […]

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Thou shalt always bird!

Thumbnail image for Thou shalt always bird! by Gunnar 15 November 2010

Funny Twitching video Have you seen the Twitcher program yet? If so, maybe some of this from the British Twitching scene makes sense to you.  Thou shalt recognise the face of Lee Evans.  This video is hilarious. Watch it several times and and use the pause button to be able to see all the details […]

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Flores Scops-Owl photographed .

Thumbnail image for Flores Scops-Owl photographed . by Gunnar 11 November 2010

Rare Indonesian owl photographed by Danes News from BirdLife International today – accompanied by the splendid photographed of a Flores Scops-Owl featured above – tells about a Danish funded conservation project for the forests around Mbeliling on Flores, Indonesia. The Flores Scops Owl that is just as enigmatic as the Long-whiskered Owlet in Peru. Only […]

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An interview with Lee Evans

Thumbnail image for An interview with Lee Evans by Gunnar 11 November 2010

I – Lee Evans So everyone is STILL talking about that documentary on BBC4? One of the main characters in the documentary, Lee Evans, divides opinion, something he’ll freely acknowledge. But whatever your own opinion, one thing is for certain – British birders just can’t get enough of him! By the end of the programme […]

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ABA gear guide

Thumbnail image for ABA gear guide by Gunnar 11 November 2010

Another reason to become an ABA member What a brilliant idea. To collect a number birding gadget reviews into one catalogue just before the christmas shopping is about to start. The Gear Guide is an annual publication that showcases the latest gear in the birding industry. The magazine includes reviews on binoculars, spotting scopes, tripods, […]

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Pied-billed Grebe in the UK

Thumbnail image for Pied-billed Grebe in the UK by Gunnar 10 November 2010

In the wake of  finally being able to see the documentary about British Twitchers, a true MEGA bird is discovered. (Don’t laugh if you are west of the pond) A Pied-billed Grebe!  It is a bit amazing the it first was mis-identified as a Little Grebe. The BBC article below speculares it would have hitched […]

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Want to see BBC 4:s Birds Britannia and Twitchers outside Britain?

Thumbnail image for Want to see BBC 4:s Birds Britannia and Twitchers outside Britain? by Gunnar 10 November 2010

BitTorrent for birders! Were you a bit annoyed the other day when that program about the British Twitchers was streamed on the BBC 4 web-site – and you, when trying to watch it, were getting the message: Not available in your area? Same thing with the Birds Britannia series: “Not available in your area!” Yet, […]

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Arabian Shearwater – or something else – in Australian waters.

Thumbnail image for Arabian Shearwater – or something else – in Australian waters. by Gunnar 8 November 2010

Arabian Shearwater on This is good opportunity to both introduce readers of  about a surprising observation of Arabian Shearwater in Australian waters as well as the great Australian web-site (which actually aims to cover the whole world). is a fine example how a birding-site use new techniques of web 2.0 more […]

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Taita Falcon

Thumbnail image for Taita Falcon by Gunnar 7 November 2010

Meet South Africa’s rarest bird – The Taita Falcon Africa’s Taita Falcon is so rare, that are very few photos available on the internet. A search on Flickr drew a complete blank. Here is a fascinating story of South Africa’s rarest bird….. Few people have heard of South Africa’s rarest bird – and even fewer […]

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Young White-tailed Eagle numbers increasing in Scotland

Thumbnail image for Young White-tailed Eagle numbers increasing in Scotland by Gunnar 6 November 2010

White-tailed Sea Egle come-back! In a BBC News report published a few days ago, we learn that the White-tailed Eagle is coming back strongly a great success for the 25 years since the re-introduction of the species. Pairs of white-tailed sea eagles in Scotland produced more young during 2010 than in any other year since […]

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New noise sensors could cut owl road deaths in Norfolk

Thumbnail image for New noise sensors could cut owl road deaths in Norfolk by Gunnar 6 November 2010

In an article from BBC News it shows that large numbers of Barn Owls and other predators attracted to road kills are likely to be killed by traffic. Sensors that react to headlights and emit a noise that deflects wildlife away from the road are being installed.

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Ivory Gull in California.

Thumbnail image for Ivory Gull in California. by Gunnar 5 November 2010

Sensational finding at Pismo Beach in Central California on Thursday November 4. Mike Stensvold writes on Christopher Taylor’s Photography – Bird | Wildlife | Nature: It was on the beach just north of the north drive-in entrance to Pismo Beach/Oceano Dunes…the one where the boardwalk path to the Monarch Butterfly Grove starts… When I first saw […]

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Reservoir Cats interview

Thumbnail image for Reservoir Cats interview by Gunnar 5 November 2010

Stochastic Reseervoir Cats interview For the first time ever, Reservoir Cats Interviewed! on 10000birds by Charlie Moores. There are hints about their ID – and the interview is quite entertaining in parts. So does anyone guess who is behind the Cats after this reveiling interview? Charlie:Along similar lines – Lee GR Evans: if someone hadn’t […]

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Oh no! Reservoir Cats No More!

Thumbnail image for Oh no! Reservoir Cats No More! by Gunnar 5 November 2010

This can’t be. Reservoir Cats stops on the height of its 13 months of existence. The funniest birding blog – all categories. I have been checking my RSS feed on the Blackberry every half hour to see if there is an update of the Cats.  Well, now it is only Mondays left for a the […]

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