African Christmas Colours

Thumbnail image for African Christmas Colours by DaleForbes 26 December 2010

Africa’s is not all zebras and lions, and steamy hot Christmases, but it also has some stunning colours to show off. Richard’s stunning Christmas Quetzal post got my (and probably your) feet itching to go explore far-away jungles. But Africa also has its fair share of Christmassy colours. The birds that spring to mind first […]

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The Capercaille

Thumbnail image for The Capercaille by DaleForbes 19 December 2010

The Western Capercaille (Tetrao urogallus) is one of the most emblematic birds of the Alps, amongst the people of the Alps, it is probably just behind the Golden Eagle. This is partly because it really is large and beautiful, secretive and shy. But to be honest it is probably because it is part of the […]

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Finding Gurney’s Pittas

Thumbnail image for Finding Gurney’s Pittas by DaleForbes 12 December 2010

Crouched in the undergrowth of a mosquito and leech-filled tropical forest I waited quietly, and patiently, for yet another view of the Gurney’s Pitta. I knew his ritual: every 35-55 minutes he came on a feeding cycle through this area. I never knew when he was going to appear and there was no way to […]

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Snow Buntings in a suit

Thumbnail image for Snow Buntings in a suit by DaleForbes 5 December 2010

Tirol is a pretty much a winter wonderland – great big pointy Alps, covered in fluffy white snow. Picture book, really. And you would think that with all these great big mountains and snow, that we would have an abundance of all these birds that call themselves Snow-somethingorother. Like Snowfinch (tick), Snow Geese (we have […]

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wild Scarlet Macaw personalities

Thumbnail image for wild Scarlet Macaw personalities by DaleForbes 28 November 2010

Scarlet Macaws are really impressive – big, beautiful and raucous. And for three years my life revolved around them. Tough luck, hey? And there was not a moment in which I was not completely fascinated by them. I was working for a conservation organisation, called Associación Amigos de las Aves (now, The Ara Project) in […]

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Thumbnail image for Wallcreepers!!! by DaleForbes 21 November 2010

The Wallcreeper has got to be one of the most spectacular and enigmatic of mountain birds. Their appearance, behaviour, feeding, breeding, migration, call… all lend to create an unforgettable and intriguing bird. Rarely seen and very difficult to photograph, there are still massive gaps in our scientific understanding of the Wallcreeper (Tichodroma muraria, Mauerläufer, El treparriscos, Le Tichodrome échelette, Il picchio muraiolo). I have now taken tens of thousands of photos of the Wallcreepers here in this region, and they continue to stun me every time I see them.

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Great News- Sociable Lapwing eastern flyway found!

Thumbnail image for Great News- Sociable Lapwing eastern flyway found! by DaleForbes 20 November 2010

One of the most incredible results and successes of the Amazing Journey project was having one of the Sociable Lapwings (Vanellus gregarius) satellite tagged on the Steppes of central Kazakhstan move down the unknown eastern flyway to the Indian subcontinent. Dinara – as our star was dubbed – was tagged in June 2010 and stuck […]

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Spanish Steppe Birds, crazy awesome digiscoping

Thumbnail image for Spanish Steppe Birds, crazy awesome digiscoping by DaleForbes 14 November 2010

What a lot of fun! Being great big open habitats, steppes can often be very difficult habitats to photograph birds in, and the Extremaduran steppes of western Spain are no exception. Great big wide open spaces (with the forest having been cleared by the Romans to build cities) mean that there is little place for […]

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Steve Martin on filming The Big Year

Thumbnail image for Steve Martin on filming The Big Year by DaleForbes 9 November 2010

Steve Martin interviewed by Letterman Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson will star in the 2011 feature film “The Big Year”, based on the book of the same title by Mark Obmascik. Check out this little video of Steve Martin talking about the movie (starts at 2:14). What, do you think. Will it be […]

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Digiscoping Vultures in Extremadura, Spain

Thumbnail image for Digiscoping Vultures in Extremadura, Spain by DaleForbes 7 November 2010

On my recent trip to Extremadura, Spain (Europe’s raptor heaven), the Griffon Vultures and Eurasian Black Vultures absolutely enthralled us with their antics, their fly-bys and just how they are in the air. We spent hours admiring them, and we must have taken many thousands of digiscoped photos of them between the two of us.

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Just like a blog, but with a whole bunch of friends!

Thumbnail image for Just like a blog, but with a whole bunch of friends! by DaleForbes 31 October 2010

Why I blog? Every now and again a blogger asks themselves, just why do I do this? The answer for me has always been clear. I really love nature and I love sharing my passion with people. The other reason is that blogging about what I see and experience gives me just another reason to […]

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A bit of Extremaduran birding

Thumbnail image for A bit of Extremaduran birding by DaleForbes 24 October 2010

So I came to Extremedura (western Spain) hoping to get some quality time with some of Europe´s most spectacular raptors. Well, the eagles have been playing very scarce (only got a quick glimpse of a Spanish Imperial Eagle as being my only one in 3 days birding), but boy have the vultures given us a […]

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