Great News- Sociable Lapwing eastern flyway found!

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One of the most incredible results and successes of the Amazing Journey project was having one of the Sociable Lapwings (Vanellus gregarius) satellite tagged on the Steppes of central Kazakhstan move down the unknown eastern flyway to the Indian subcontinent. Dinara – as our star was dubbed – was tagged in June 2010 and stuck around on the breeding grounds (near Lake Tengiz) much longer than expected, until at least 1 September. After that, there was an anxious month without any signal from her after which she suddenly appeared in southern Uzbekistan.

dinara sociable lapwing amazing journey by Birdlife International and Swarovski Optik

Dinara the Sociable Lapwing's personal Amazing Journey

The other Sociable Lapwings on the Amazing Journey have been quiet lately, but if the next news from them is anywhere near as interesting as that from Dinara, the rest of this migration season is really going to be incredible.

The image at the top of the page shows all records of Sociable Lapwings 1850-2010 (green dots, size representing number of records) and the recently tracked birds on migration, clearly showing Dinara’s eastern migration route.

You can follow the journeys of the satellite tagged Sociable Plovers at

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