January 2011

Slaty-backed Gull in Britain?

Thumbnail image for Slaty-backed Gull in Britain? by MartinGarner 14 January 2011

A Potential First. A WOW factor adult gull was seen and photographed today by Dominic Mitchell. I think it really looks very cool! A little frustratingly he didn’t manage to see the wing pattern – but surely you feel it will show a full white ‘string of pearls’. The upperpart tone is at the paler end and will, I guess, get much […]

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Thumbnail image for Punk-chicken by Gunnar 12 January 2011

Hoatzin  Opisthocomus hoazin – What a strange bird! Just as I thought I had it figured out and preparing for this post, I decided to check the references on the wikipedia-page. I knew it’s not a Chicken or a Pheasant and probably not a cuckoo. Sceletal studies indicated that the Hoatzin is closest related with […]

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Quetzal Equals Needle In A Haystack

Thumbnail image for Quetzal Equals Needle In A Haystack by Rich Hoyer 11 January 2011

A male Elegant Trogon is our consolation prize. The rare bird alert came over as a text at 4:52 p.m. last Tuesday: “RBA: Eared Quetzal in Madera Cyn – streambed upstream of amphitheater parking. EAQU not confirmed but good description by visiting birder. 3:15 p.m.” So I joined my friend Brian Gibbons the next morning […]

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hornbills and other silly birds

Thumbnail image for hornbills and other silly birds by DaleForbes 9 January 2011

I heard a story once. It is probably a load of bull, but the story went that when the first naturalists brought toucans back from the new world, the academy (Sesselfurzer for want of a suitable English word) didn’t believe them and thought they were birds stitched together to command higher prices. Its probably an […]

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Birding through the eyes of a wildlife artist

Thumbnail image for Birding through the eyes of a wildlife artist by Gyorgy Szimuly 7 January 2011

I have been birding for 30 years now and I think I am carefully watching birds all the time I have chance to go out. Positive ID and enjoyment of the view through any optical equipment has been my primary birding philosophy. It’s been even more important for the past 6 years since I photograph […]

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Featured Bird Blogger of the Week

Thumbnail image for Featured Bird Blogger of the Week by dAwN FiNe 7 January 2011

Howdee all, I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Celebration…I had a great holiday with my family in Connecticut and am now back in North Carolina for a few weeks before heading south toward warm….. But..enough about me..Are you ready for Week Nine of ~Featured Bird Blogger of the Week~ This week I […]

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SACC Accepts Colombian Chachalaca Split

Thumbnail image for SACC Accepts Colombian Chachalaca Split by Rich Hoyer 6 January 2011

The South American Classification Committee has made final the split of Colombian Chachalaca, Ortalis colombiana, from Speckled Chachalaca, Ortalis guttata. This is an old chestnut of allopatric populations on which various authorities have taken different views over the years.  SACC has had this issue down as requiring a proposal for many years.  There has now […]

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‘The Glorious Twelfth’ Hot Bird Pursuits in 2010

Thumbnail image for ‘The Glorious Twelfth’ Hot Bird Pursuits in 2010 by Rebecca Nason 6 January 2011

The ‘Glorious Twelfth’ for me refers to the 12 British ‘ticks’ I saw during 2010! I am only now starting to think back what 2010 was like for me, and on all accounts it was a pretty good year! I always find birds good subjects to get the memory clogs turning, if I can remember […]

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1000 birds to see before you die

Thumbnail image for 1000 birds to see before you die by Gunnar 5 January 2011

I just initiated a short 6 day holiday with my family in Tarapoto, so this will be a shorter post -and as some of my collegues here on birdingblogs, I have dugg deep in the vault of my own blog. Let me remind you: Let’s face it, you and I, we are never going to […]

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Get out more Martin!

Thumbnail image for Get out more Martin! by MartinGarner 5 January 2011

Sheffield in northern England is well known for its former steelworks. Its where I live with my wife, Sharon and my 2 teenage daughters, Emily and Abigail. 4 years ago we moved to live on the edge of the former industrial heartland. Old warehouses, narrow streets, new blocks of flats. Maybe you can understand why […]

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Christmas Bird Count Fun

Thumbnail image for Christmas Bird Count Fun by Rich Hoyer 4 January 2011

Five Christmas Bird Counts this season wasn’t quite enough. I’m sad to see the Christmas Bird Count season come to an end. Officially there are still two days left to the time period set by the National Audubon Society, but the only Arizona CBC scheduled this late is Glen Canyon, and that’s an 8-hour drive […]

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Long-legged Buzzard twitching mega rarity

Long-legged Buzzard by DaleForbes 2 January 2011

“Is this really a Long-legged Buzzard?” was the question from Reinhard Hölzl, a friend and local photographer (check out Reinhard’s website here) with two photos attached to the message (top and below). My gut said yes, Long-legged Buzzard (Buteo rufinus) and everything I could tell from the photos and the books seemed to suggest so, […]

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