February 2011

Tsingy Wood-Rail – New species of Rail.

Thumbnail image for Tsingy Wood-Rail – New species of Rail. by Gunnar 27 February 2011

A new species of Rail from Madagascar has been described in the scientific journal Zootaxa (click for pdf) by Goodman et al . One of the authors is well known birder Nick Block from Texas who was responsible for the genetic analysis.  The new species named Tsingy Wood Rail Mentocrax beankaensis is closely related to […]

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Featured Bird Photographer – Steve Fletcher

Thumbnail image for Featured Bird Photographer – Steve Fletcher by DaleForbes 27 February 2011

In putting together the birding game scene for Extremadura, we were looking for images of some of the Extremaduran bird specials – particularly tricky photos. Steve Fletcher really helped us out with this, providing 140+ photos of Extremaduran raptors, steppe birds and wonders of the Dehesas, including some really really tough photos. Anyhow, so through […]

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Another New Storm-Petrel Discovered

Thumbnail image for Another New Storm-Petrel Discovered by Gyorgy Szimuly 25 February 2011

A new species of seabird has been found. A five-person multi-national expedition led by British seabird expert Peter Harrison, captured 12 of the mystery storm-petrels at sea near Puerto Montt, Chile on February 18, 19, and 21, and can now confirm the existence of a new species.

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Oh my! Myiarchus identification problems

Mystery Myiarchus Flycatcher from Isla Palma, Colombia. Photo: Gunnar Engblom by Gunnar 25 February 2011

Identification Quiz. What Myiarchus Flycatcher is this? There are 22 species of Myiarchus Tyrant-Flycatchers. In many places they present no problems in identifying as only or two species occur. However, in some areas various species overlap – and one also have to account for migrating species. The thing to look for to help ID are […]

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Featured Bird Blogger of the Week

Thumbnail image for Featured Bird Blogger of the Week by dAwN FiNe 25 February 2011

Howdee all, Did you know that spring is coming to North America? I know some of you in the north think this is false..but its true..before you know it the frost will be gone and the flowers will be popping up, mark my words:) Did you also know that I fell in love recently? Yes, […]

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San Cristobal Mockingbird – A Single Island Endemic.

Thumbnail image for San Cristobal Mockingbird – A Single Island Endemic. by Rich Hoyer 22 February 2011

As I promised, here is just one last post from my WINGS tour this past November – our tour’s extension to one island we didn’t visit during the regular one-week cruise, San Cristóbal. There are four species of mockingbirds in the Galapagos  – three of which are single-island endemics and one of which is more […]

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Digiscoping Lesser Kestrels in Trujillo, Extremadura

Thumbnail image for Digiscoping Lesser Kestrels in Trujillo, Extremadura by DaleForbes 20 February 2011

The first Lesser Kestrels (Falco naumanni) have just started arriving back to Extremadura, and while we were there for the EL50 Swarovision field trials, we got some chance to hang out at the local bull fighting ring in the evenings, to enjoy the Lesser Kestrels in all their wonder – calling, playing and swooping; all […]

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Hummingbird spy

Thumbnail image for Hummingbird spy by Gunnar 19 February 2011

How cool is this? A miniature flying camera that looks like a hummingbird. Like a gadget sampled from a James Bond movie.  Imagine Q handing over this little bird to Bond in the opening scenes – and Bond later use the radio wired flying miniature bird that can sustain flights for 11 min, fly forward […]

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Featured Bird Blogger of the Week

Thumbnail image for Featured Bird Blogger of the Week by dAwN FiNe 18 February 2011

Howdee all, Wow…Wow..did i say Wow?…I am extremely impressed by this next Bird Blogger, I know you will be too. So without further adieu, I give you… ~Featured Bird Blogger of the Week~ ~Eric Hughes~ from Birdkids blog…12 years old and already an amazing birder!  Eric does an excellent job in his posts helping his […]

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Northern Shoveler – New species for Peru

Thumbnail image for Northern Shoveler – New species for Peru by Gunnar 17 February 2011

Pete Morris, guide from Birdquest, made a fantastic discovery in Lima in mid Janaury. When birding Ventanilla marshes – conveniently north of Lima and easily accessible from the airport without having to tackle the thick Lima traffic – he photographed this female Northern Shoveler. Not only a first for Peru, but apparantly the southern-most record […]

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Extremadura and the EL50 Swarovisions (guest post)

Thumbnail image for Extremadura and the EL50 Swarovisions (guest post) by CharlieMoores 17 February 2011

Okay, a new voice here on Birding Blogs? Well, hopefully not ‘new’ as in never heard of before, but new here for sure – invited on as one-off guest blogger to write about my recent trip to Extremadura (Spain) with the brand new 10x and 12x EL50 Swarovisions courtesy of Dale Forbes (that’s both courtesy […]

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Frigates on North Seymour

Thumbnail image for Frigates on North Seymour by Rich Hoyer 15 February 2011

What, more photos from the Galapagos? Well, in an 8-day tour in a place so loaded with photogenic subjects, there’s much to share. I’ve actually whittled down these blogs to a tiny handful of the photos I took, but yes, the end is in sight. The following are from the last full day of the […]

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Checkin out the digs

Thumbnail image for Checkin out the digs by dAwN FiNe 13 February 2011

Howdee all, A little ditty I posted on my blog last year…hope you enjoy… While visiting Pee Dee NWR, I had fun watching this Bluebird couple flying around this tractor….perching then flying ….perching and flying again…fluttering wings.. Were they a new couple scoping out some new digs? Lets pretend… His script is blue Hers in […]

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Featured Bird Butt Blogger of the Week

Thumbnail image for Featured Bird Butt Blogger of the Week by dAwN FiNe 11 February 2011

Howdee all, We are still in Florida basking in the warmth. The birding has been awesome..Check out my latest posts on my blog to see some of the birds we have been seeing. Limpkin land and Green Cay wonders. But..enough of that…are you ready for this weeks ~Featured Bird Butt Blogger of the Week~ This […]

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A Taiwan Taster . . . .

Thumbnail image for A Taiwan Taster . . . . by Rebecca Nason 11 February 2011

I visited Taiwan in September 2010 for 9 days on behalf of the Taiwanese Tourist Board – I was not to be disappointed. Taiwan or ‘Ilha Formosa’ means the ‘beautiful Island’ and indeed it is, from lowlands to high mountain peaks up to 3000m and many large scale national parks offering a wealth of bird […]

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Boobies on Tower

Thumbnail image for Boobies on Tower by Rich Hoyer 8 February 2011

Since you probably know that a booby is a bird in the genus Sula, it might help to point out that Tower is a small desert island in the far NE of the Galapagos Archipelago. So while “Boobies on Tower” might be an attention grabber for most, for Galapagueños, it’s as nonsensical as “Buildings in […]

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Spain, the EL50 and me

Thumbnail image for Spain, the EL50 and me by DaleForbes 6 February 2011

My life has recently been dominated by the launch of the new Swarovski EL50 Swarovision binoculars and all the million small details that need to be taken care of. This has been made easier by two things: 1. I really love this binocular, and 2. It is a really great binocular (fairly sure I am […]

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Make The Spring Alive

Thumbnail image for Make The Spring Alive by Gyorgy Szimuly 4 February 2011

With the help of social media news are spreading like hell. While Facebook and Twitter made revolution in Egypt these platforms support bird conservation as well. Having a large enough audience could make a difference. BirdLife International have been doing a very nice and important job on bird conservation. The current initiative is amazing. Kids […]

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Featured Bird Blogger of the Week

Thumbnail image for Featured Bird Blogger of the Week by dAwN FiNe 4 February 2011

Dawn Fine presents this weeks birdblogger: Laura Kammermeier – writer for ABA blog and birding magazines, freelance writer and new media consultant, she specializes in nature, travel, and birding, and is an accomplished online content strategist and web producer.

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Location Matters

Thumbnail image for Location Matters by Kenn Kaufman 3 February 2011

The idea of “green energy” is popular today, as it should be.  It makes sense for us to find ways to produce power in non-polluting ways, from renewable sources, to protect the environment of our planet and to create a sustainable future.  Most birders probably would agree with that. One potential source of “green energy” […]

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