May 2011

Jonathan Franzen: Liking Is for Cowards.

Thumbnail image for Jonathan Franzen: Liking Is for Cowards. by Gunnar 30 May 2011

Bestseller author Jonathan Franzen is a birder Jonathan Franzen is a very famous modern American author praised by the critics and awarded many fine nominations and awards. He has been compared with Tolstoy. Or so I am told, because I have not read him yet. I’ll be frank to you. Two months ago, I did not […]

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Pilansberg National Park, South Africa

Thumbnail image for Pilansberg National Park, South Africa by DaleForbes 29 May 2011

Pilansberg Game Reserve (and National Park) lies just 1.5-2hrs drive west of Johannesburg/Pretoria and has received some measure of fame through the bordering Sun City and Lost City (luxury casino, golf and resort complexes). But it is also a rather nice big-game area within easy reach of Gauteng (the province in which Johannesburg is situated). […]

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Journal Club: Sparrows show us a new way to have sexes

Thumbnail image for Journal Club: Sparrows show us a new way to have sexes by Grrlscientist 25 May 2011

I’ve always loved white-throated sparrows, Zonotrichia albicollis. Not only are these handsome birds the sister species to my own dissertation bird, the white-crowned sparrow, Z. leucophrys, but I think they are among the most fascinating bird species in the world. In fact, I am so captivated by this species that the chance to pursue my […]

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BirdingBlogs Fest #003 May 21, 2011

Thumbnail image for BirdingBlogs Fest #003 May 21, 2011 by Gunnar 25 May 2011

6 posts from the past week of awesome blogs about birds. Tips for point and shoot cameras; Pelagic birding featuring Blue Fulmar and Zino’s Petrel; Fantastic shots of Ruby-throated Hummingbird; and Tom McKinney in one of his funniest posts – on how to identify plugs from DSLR photos on the Forum. Enjoy!

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Dendroica Farewell: new classification for the American warblers.

Thumbnail image for Dendroica Farewell: new classification for the American warblers. by Kenn Kaufman 24 May 2011

Dendroica, we hardly knew ye. Here in northwest Ohio (Warbler Capital of the World) we have been awash in beautiful, colorful, sprightly American warblers (family Parulidae)  for the last several weeks.  I’ve been so busy looking at actual birds, and talking to actual birders, that I haven’t kept up with news from the ornithological world, […]

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Reed Cormorant in Spain

Thumbnail image for Reed Cormorant in Spain by DaleForbes 22 May 2011

Spain’s only record of the Pygmy Cormorant (Microcarbo pygmaeus) is from a single cormorant collected in Catalunya in 1855, with no known records since. The large numbers of Pygmy Cormorants in Italy (particularly in the Po Delta in Northern Italy), their recent “overflow” trend to establish new satellite colonies (e.g. Neusiedlersee in Eastern Austria), Europe-wide […]

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Thumbnail image for GGRRRRREAT REED WARBLER ON LESBIAN ISLAND! by Rebecca Nason 19 May 2011

GGRRRRRRRRReat REED WARLBER – one of the many highlights from our LESVOS 2011 Trip. Phil & I led a small birdwatching and photographic group of 6 to the stunning birding Aegean mecca of Lesvos from the 5th to the 12th May on behalf of the Travelling Naturalist. This was the 7th year of leading groups […]

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Oregon in Spring Tour 2011

Thumbnail image for Oregon in Spring Tour 2011 by Rich Hoyer 19 May 2011

I’m in the middle of my seventh Oregon in Spring tour – 10 days of exciting birding from the coast to the mountains to the desert. But there just aren’t enough hours in the day to also blog, so I’ll leave you with just this photo of a male Rufous Hummingbird that perched below eye […]

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A new bird in the flock

Thumbnail image for A new bird in the flock by Grrlscientist 18 May 2011

Some of you may know me already. Gunnar has been asking me to contribute to BirdingBlogs for quite some time now, but I’ve always postponed my involvement, mostly because I’ve been busy with other things and hadn’t had the time I needed to think through the specifics of what my contributions here might be. But […]

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Birdingblogs Fest #002 May 15, 2011

Thumbnail image for Birdingblogs Fest #002 May 15, 2011 by Gunnar 16 May 2011

Warbler week. This is not how I planned this. Trying to get together a new birdingblog fest in just a few hours before the publication. But I have been busy, having vacation… and now I am past Saturday and it is already Sunday…. Oh dear! For next week I shall start sowing the seed a […]

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Book review: Reservoir Cats

Thumbnail image for Book review: Reservoir Cats by Gunnar 14 May 2011

They came, they saw, they sprayed – and then they fucked off. A dog would never do that. I should have written this review ages ago.  Or maybe Kenn should have written it, or Tom? It would have been great to have scooped all the other superblogs getting the first review out there and thus […]

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Colombian Mysteries

Thumbnail image for Colombian Mysteries by Gunnar 12 May 2011

Colombia has a lot of birds and not all are easy to identify. While in the old days, the info of field guides was scanty and a lot of birds not seen well or being very cryptic had to be discarded as simple – ID unknown! Luckily, today we can get both photos and recordings […]

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Fearless Marsh Birds at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, Texas

Thumbnail image for Fearless Marsh Birds at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, Texas by Rich Hoyer 10 May 2011

This past weekend I led field trips for the second biennial Gay Birders of North America meeting. Based in Beaumont, Texas, we had about 45 people divided among four vans for three days of all-out birding. I helped lead the trips to Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, where I’ve never seen Least Bitterns and other secretive […]

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Tweeting birds. Finally!

Thumbnail image for Tweeting birds. Finally! by Gunnar 8 May 2011

Real birds tweet on Twitter Here is the newest viral tweeter on Twitter. A Twitter account totally run by birds. Latvian journalist Voldemars Dudums figured out a way to get birds to start tweeting with their very own Twitter account by creating a peckable keyboard. Some bacon fat is just tied up to the keyboard […]

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Digiscoping the African Wattled Plover (Vanellus senegallus)

Thumbnail image for Digiscoping the African Wattled Plover (Vanellus senegallus) by DaleForbes 8 May 2011

The African Wattled Plover (Lapwing)is found throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa and while it can be locally fairly common, it is typically not considered a common species. It is the largest lapwing in southern Africa and because of its crazy facial make-up always makes for a wonderful find. Whilst in the Hartbeespoort Dam area (just […]

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Birdingblogs Fest #001 May 7, 2011

Thumbnail image for Birdingblogs Fest #001 May 7, 2011 by Gunnar 7 May 2011

No time to follow all the birdingblogs out there? How to sellect the best blog posts among the 1000s of posts out there? We will do it for you. Guaranteed the best of birdblogging will show here on a weekly basis.

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The Great March of Anatolia

Krueper's Nuthatch Sitta krueperi by CharlieMoores 6 May 2011

“The Great March Of Anatolia is a movement initiated by the People of Anatolia to keep the water, nature and their roots alive. This is an open call for everyone and the march is carried out totally by individual and volunteer efforts. No institution or establishment is a counterpart, partner or organizer of this movement.” […]

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Featured~Poet~Bird Blogger of the Month

Thumbnail image for Featured~Poet~Bird Blogger of the Month by dAwN FiNe 6 May 2011

Dawn Fine presents Kathie Brown of Kathie’s birds as this month’s birdblogger. Kathie is a fanatic ebirder, blogger and poet. She has build a good number of fans since she started blogging in 2004. A narrative flow, poetry and great photos makes it a very solid blog. One of the best.

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Thumbnail image for Birdingblogs.Collected by Gunnar 5 May 2011

Birdingblogs compilation Just because “I and the Bird” birding blog carnival died – this does not mean that birdblogging has died. There are more birdbloggers out there than ever. One of BirdingBlogs chief objective is to share good birding blogs. Readers of this blog may remember that we started about a 6 weeks  ago something […]

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Another Two Months at Cristalino Jungle Lodge

Thumbnail image for Another Two Months at Cristalino Jungle Lodge by Rich Hoyer 2 May 2011

I’ve written about Brazil’s Cristalino Jungle Lodge before here, and I’ll be writing about it some more. I just love this place. The news this time is that I’ll be spending two months there as a local guide this coming August and September, my second time doing so. Cristalino is relatively easy to get to. […]

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