Big Year trailer is out

Big Year  starring Jack Black Steve Martin and Owen Wilson.

by Gunnar on September 7, 2011 · 3 comments

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Will birding be mainstream now?

- or will birder be regarded as even more introvert and crazy after this? Finally, the trailer from the much awaited – in birder circles – movie based on Mark Obmascik’s book The Big Year (aff link to Kindle version) about three obsessed birders who independently decide to do a big year birdwatching, is out. That is, they try to see as many birds as possible in mainland US and Canada in a calendar year. Will it be good? Will it be funny? Can you judge from this trailer?

There is a good chance it is good. Director David Frankel did Devils wears Prada and even has an academy award for short movie Dear Diary in 1997. There is even a better chance that it is funny with a cast consisting of Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black.
The big question is of course….. will it be good for birding? The whole movie you may see from Oct 14.

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