Happy Birthday Birdingblogs

Happy birthday BirdingBlogs

by Gunnar on October 20, 2011 · 2 comments

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Birdingblogs started on Oct 20, 2010 as a joint effort between a number of bird bloggers. We can only conclude that it has been very successful for everyone involved. One year later Birdingblogs has positioned itself around position five or six on NatureblogNetwork and has Google Page Rank 4. All very well for a new blog.

We are celebrating with a anniversery month. The birdingbloggers of the past year have committed to provide material, so we at a minumum can expect one blogpost per day.  Most of those who has had a short lived appearance on the blog will bring sweet birdingblog honey this coming month.

Tom McKinney
Dale Forbes
Alex Vargas
Rich Hoyer
Gunnar Engblom
Dawn Fine
Rebecca Nason
György Szimuly
Charlie Moores
Kenn Kaufman
Martin Garner
Susan Myers
Jeff Gordon

So tune in every day, because this month this site will contain some of the very best birdblogging.

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  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday to all of you here at birdingblogs! And to our readers…thank you..thank you!

  • http://profiles.google.com/birdingisfun Robert Mortensen


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