Inca Tern – eyegasm

Inca Tern. The most beautiful Tern in the world

by Gunnar on October 29, 2011 · 8 comments

in Birding Neotropics

The world’s most beautiful Tern

Young Peruvian bird photographer Alfredo Fernandez is keen as keen, always chatting with me about birds on Facebook.  I was not surprised that he shared yet a couple of more Flickr albums with me.

I totally melted with his Inca Terns. And then he said, let me know if you want to use any.

Here it is Alfredo. Your photos featured in Birdingblogs Saturday issue. Enjoy everyone. And check out Alfredo’s other photos on this Flickr page. This kid is promising.

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  • AlexVargas

    That is indeed a wonderful bird I hope to photograph sometime!!!… Nice post!

  • Birdernaturalist

    Great shots, truly fabulous bird. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations to Alfredo.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome..I had an Eyegasm!

  • Opposablechums


  • Tom McKinney

    I’ll never forget seeing my first flying along the beach in Paracas – up until then I didn’t realise how huge they are. Great post Gunnar, and brilliant photos Alfredo.

  • Rebecca Nason

    Stunning images! I’ll have to see these one day! Keep up the good work Alfredo . . . . .

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