Review: Audubon Birds for Android

Audubon Birds app for Android

by Gunnar on April 26, 2011 · 3 comments

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Once in a while we come upon some really useful blogposts. We share it on Twitter and Facebook, but it is still a bit ephemeral.  A more solid way of sharing is to publish an excerpt of the same blog and then provide a link. And for the birdblogger, like myself, who is due to publish today – it is a fast way to keep the schedule. My regular blogpost is in the works and will yet be a couple of hours.

Here is Robert Mortenson of Birding is fun giving a great review of the new Audubon birds for Android. In iPhone/iPad dominance, it is nice to see birding apps also developed for other platforms.

I recently downloaded the Audubon Birds app to my Android phone.  I’ve been using this app and the Sibley eGuide interchangeably in the field.  I’ve had some great compare and contrast between the two.  I really like the Audubon Birds app for a variety of reasons.

User-friendliness – I really enjoy Audubon’s thumb-sized circles and icons to tap for accessing the various browse options; especially because of the fat-thumbing issues I have discussed before.

Intuitiveness – this app is just so easy to navigate and it doesn’t take any complicated effort to figure it out.

Speed – while it does take a little while to download initially and to load for daily use (it is a large app afterall), once the app is open it navigates quickly and smoothly.

Reliability – I have never had the Audubon Bird app shut down on me or “force close”.  Unfortunately, that is a big problem for the Sibley eGuide.

Check out the rest of this post and Robert’s final conclusions about the app in this link.

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