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by DaleForbes on February 27, 2011 · 1 comment

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In putting together the birding game scene for Extremadura, we were looking for images of some of the Extremaduran bird specials – particularly tricky photos. Steve Fletcher really helped us out with this, providing 140+ photos of Extremaduran raptors, steppe birds and wonders of the Dehesas, including some really really tough photos. Anyhow, so through the Birding Game I got in contact with Steve, and as I needed to be in Extremadura a day early in preparation for our field trip to Extremadura (EL50 Swarovision field testing), I had a couple of hours to meet up with Steve and do a little bit of birding with him.

Great Bustards and Pintailed Sandgrouse by Steve Fletcher

Whilst out on the steppes, we managed to pick up both Little and Great Bustards, Pintailed and Blackbellied Sandgrouse, thousands of Calandra Larks, Thekla Larks… A great afternoon.

Steve and his wife emigrated to Extremadura a few years ago, to pursue life as a bird photographer and guide. You can find out more about them and see some more of Steve’s photos on their web page:  http://extremaduraphotos.webs.com

Montagues Harrier by Steve Fletcher

Lesser Kestrel by Steve Fletcher

Shorteared Owl by Steve Fletcher

Common Buzzard by Steve Fletcher

Black-tailed Godwit by Steve Fletcher

Steve Fletcher. Out birding.

Happy birding,

Dale Forbes

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