Birdingblogs Fest #002 May 15, 2011

Prothonorary Warbler Naathas

by Gunnar on May 16, 2011

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Warbler week.

This is not how I planned this. Trying to get together a new birdingblog fest in just a few hours before the publication. But I have been busy, having vacation… and now I am past Saturday and it is already Sunday…. Oh dear! For next week I shall start sowing the seed a bit earlier so my fellow Birdbloggers also can help out with the next edition.

Anyway, I have had an eye on the the blogs I read this week…which could possibly be fitting to recommend to a wider audience. It´ll be a much shorter list this week, with a predominance of North America – much because 10000birds did a warbler week – and there are warblers everywhere.

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Until next week…Good birding!

North America Birding

This is not Wood Warbler.
Prothonotary Warbler - naathasMaybe the most remembered part of the past blogging week, at least if you have been brain-washed with US birding stories is the hysteria with Wood Warblers – and 10000birds have even had a Wood Warbler week. Yet, Dale Forbes (you know the 5th columner) got it completely right, when he states “This is not a Wood Warbler”. Check out his funny post. Tweet it: RT @Daleforbes North American birders should really learn what a true Wood Warbler looks like. #birding #warblers

How to avoid warbler neck.
Talk about useful advice. This is a rather old blogpost from Birdwatcher’s Digest,  but one you should save for eternity. Learn how to treat warbler neck including some good exercise. Tweet it: RT @bwdmag How to avoid Warbler neck #warblers #migration #birds #birdwatching #birding #nature

7 reasons why I hate Wood Warblers
Kirtland's_WarblerDale Forbes explains on 10000birds´ warbler week why he hates North American Wood Warblers a.k.a. “Silly Canaries”.  Tweet it: RT @Daleforbes North American birders should really learn what a true Wood Warbler looks like. #birding #warblers

The most threatened birds of US
IiviThe Birds of Hawaii are much neglected by North American birders in spite that there are many threatened species. But since the area is not part of the ABA area, and most birders count numbers rather than quality, it does not have the same draw as birding in Texas or Costa Rica. Anyway, here is a nice post about birding on Kauai. Tweet it: Birding Hawaii. Kauai, exotic and bittersweet. Check the gallery for lovely bird photos. photos. #endangeredspecies,

Sublime Warbler photography
Palm WarblerA set of  several different species of Wood Warblers from Townsend Dickinson on Kymry blog. Superb photography. Tweet it: RT @Mardi WD Celebrating Wood Warblers. A great set of warbler photography from Townsend Dickinson. #warblers #spring

Book review

Reservoir Cats.
Front cover reservoir CatsA book review of the acclaimed blog Reservoir Cats – now as a book. Furthermore there is a sale going on at to purchase the book until May 16. Hurry hurry!.  Tweet it: RT @birdingblogs Pope says twitching ‘will make you go blind’ #reservoirCats #satire #birding #blogging #cult

South America Birding

Mystery birds from Colombia.
Maybe someone is able to identify some of these photos. There are some difficult raptor and hummingbirds that I need help with, but also some easy ones. Tweet it: RT @birdingblogs How are you Bird ID skills? A few birds we had problems with in Colombia or caused discussion. #birds

Africa Birding

Digiscoping African Wattled Plover
Stunning pictures of Wattled Plover in Africa.  @DaleForbes demonstrates the new Swarovski TLS 800 telescope adapter.  Tweet it: RT @Birdingblogs Digiscoping African Wattled Plover with Swarovski TLS 800 telescope adapter #digiscoping #waders

Europe Birding

Twitchers could be prosecuted for their iPhone warblers
The use of bird calls on cellphones to attract birds is becoming a nuisance in some heavily birded areas. In some British reserves the wardens are considering prosecution. Tweet it: RT @Telegraph Twitchers could be prosecuted for their iPhone warblers #iphoneapps #birding #birdcalls #twitching

Bird Conservation

Cerulean Warbler -Vulnarable but not according to Fish and Wildlife
From Corey’s pen at 10000birds, we learn that Fish And WildLife Service no longer consider the Cerulean Warbler in immediate threat of extinction. Good to know, although it is still declining. Tweet it: 10000birds inform us that Cerulean Warbler is no immediate danger of extinction #conservation #birdwatching #birding

On Bird Blogging

Birdingblogs Fest #001
Tern sunset Rebecca Nason.Here is last weeks birdingblogs fest in case you have not read them. I didn’t see many tweets last week for the individual posts, nor the fest, so be sure to share if you like some of our recommendation. Tweet it: Birdingblogs fest #001. The best of birding blogs weekly on one site. Not to be missed. #carnival #birding #birds

Birding Technology

North American Birding Apps tested.
Robert from Birding is Fun, comes again with awesome tech news for birders. Here 5 different birding apps compared.  How fast can you look up info on the app. Tweet it: RT @Birding_Is_Fun Testing 5 different birding apps. Which is the fastest to use? #birdingapps #birds

Sibley on Playback
Swainson Warbler - sibleyA few weeks old now, but nevertheless one of the best articles I have read on the topic Playback. There are some very useful tips here. Playback can be very useful for the birder, but of course it needs to be done responsibly.  Tweet it: Learn how to do responsible playback from the great tutorial from David Sibley. #playback #birding #birds

Review: BirdJam Heads up Warblers and Heads up Sparrows
The birders Library comes with thorough reviews of two new apps for Warblers and Sparrows for iPhone. Very good photos and good recordings too. But avarage when it comes to other info.  Tweet it: The birder’s library: Birdjam’s Heads up for Warbler and Heads up for Sparrows review. #birdingapps #birds# #iphone

Top Photo: Prothonotary Warbler by Naathas on Flickr

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