BirdingBlogs Fest #003 May 21, 2011

BLue Fulmar Alistair Knock

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Only 6 posts of obligatory reading.

Time again for a new fest. Did you read last weeks post? Again, I am lone poster this week, and again it is my own fault for not seeding the frame – and again a bit late. Most of the birders in the northern hemisphere are occupied with birding – as it should be, while May in Peru is a definite low season for birding tours, all the birders are occupied with the migration in the Northern hemisphere – and because of this they have little time to blog. A few bloggers still keep up the form, showing their pictures of the recent findings.
Therefore, this issue will have some excellent bird photography.

I am not going to categorize the posts this week – they are not that many – and just let you have them as they pop up.

How to identify plugs
Tom is in good form. This is one of my absolute favorites of his. It is a spoof Forum discussion of the pitfalls of identifying rarities from DSLR photos. Tweet it. RT @TomMcKinney. DSLR photographer slumps to whole new low. #spoof #birdforum #birding #birds

The Blue Fulmar Pelagic
Martin Garner of Birding Frontiers did a very northern Pelagic in Northern Norway and provides some great photography of the blue morph of Fulmar. Tweet it: Birding Frontier’s Martin Garner looking out for Blue Fulmar on a Pelagic from Northern Norway. #birds #varanger

Rainy days Hummingbirds
John Briggs of Birding in Maine provides a brilliant album with shots of Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Tweet it.  RT @Mainebirder Nine close up shots of a brilliant  Ruby-throated Hummingbird #hummingbird #nature #photography #birds # birding

Zino’s Petrel on Madeira Pelagic
One of the rarest petrels of the world is being found quite easily on the pelagics arranged from Madeira. Brent Stephenson reports from a three day Madeira pelagic assault. Tweet it: Brent Stephenson on the first day of three looking for Zeno’s Petrel on a Madeira pelagic. Great photography. #pelagics #birdwatching # birds

Point and shoot for Wildlife – Superzooms part 1.
I love this post. Steve Ingraham makes a great test-run of his newly acquired Nikon COOLPIX P500 . Sounds like a birders dream. Imagine built in 24-810mm zoom, macro and HD video. What else do you want? Just under $400. Here he tries to capture flying birds and test the macro. Tweet it: RT @Singraham Point & Shoot for Wildlife. Testing Nikon Coolpix P500 with 24-810mm, macro & HD video.

Point and Shoot for Wildlife – Superzooms part 2.  Shooting Warbler.
Yet another post from Steve Ingraham. This time trying to shoot those wicked warbler at Magee Marsh, Ohio.  Tweet it: RT  @Singraham Point & Shoot for Wildlife. Nikon Coolpix P500. Shooting wicked Warblers. #birds #photography

Top photo: Blue Fulmar by Alistair Knock.

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