March 2012

Mae Wong got Alive!!!

Thumbnail image for Mae Wong got Alive!!! by Alex Vargas 31 March 2012

Mae Wong National Park, really became the hotspot for a couple of months with many cool birds showing super well… I’ll show you some… Located between Kampaeng Phet and Nakorn Sawan provinces, Mae Wong covers about 900 km2 and is part of the western forest complex, said to be the largest remaining patch of forest […]

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Carara National Park – A Sound Quiz

Thumbnail image for Carara National Park – A Sound Quiz by Rich Hoyer 27 March 2012

Rich Hoyer posts an audio quiz from Costa Rica plus a few birds from Carara National Park.

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Stars of the night

Thumbnail image for Stars of the night by YoavPerlman 27 March 2012

Israel nightbirds Daytime birding in Israel is as exciting as it gets in the WP. Migration in full swing, rarities being found every ten minutes, great birders from all over the world (many Finnsticks among them). But the real action begins when the sun goes down. Night birding is so full of adrenalin. The main […]

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Sh*t Birders Say!

Thumbnail image for Sh*t Birders Say! by Gunnar 26 March 2012

This is too funny – if you are a birder! This is just too funny by Jason Kessler of Opposable Chums fame. This is a great video of the strange and somewhat contradictory talk of birders. You shall recognize this if you are a birder – or if you know a birder just a little […]

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Thumbnail image for THE 7 ELEMENTS OF A GREAT BIRD PHOTOGRAPH by GlennBartley 24 March 2012

Bird Photography Basics. In order to create beautiful images of birds on a consistent basis it is important to understand the many elements that combine to make a good photo. These include the exposure, composition, light, sharpness, perch, pose and background. These components are not absolute rules that must be followed in every image. As […]

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Scotts Miracle-Gro – the bird-killing company?

Thumbnail image for Scotts Miracle-Gro – the bird-killing company? by Grrlscientist 21 March 2012

Corporate crime – bird killers! SUMMARY: The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company pleads guilty to knowingly selling poisoned birdseed, and lawn and garden care products containing undocumented pesticides to an unsuspecting public I recently heard about the most astonishing corporate crime: the American company, Scotts Miracle-Gro, violated US federal environmental laws by manufacturing and selling poisoned birdseed […]

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Northern Peru – Local Specialties and Fun Birding

Thumbnail image for Northern Peru – Local Specialties and Fun Birding by Rich Hoyer 20 March 2012

Northern Peru, with easy access and excellent birding, is a wonderful destination for a short birding tour to the New World tropics.

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Sexy Sylvia

Thumbnail image for Sexy Sylvia by YoavPerlman 13 March 2012

Little Brown Jobs? Not Sylvia. Western Palaearctic warblers are terrible birds: Acrocephalus warblers are brown-grey; Hippolais warblers are olive-grey; Phylloscopus warblers are greenish-grey; and Locustellas are just brown. They are a true nightmare for identification, even in the hand. They hybridize and mix. And they just look so boring! If you find some streaks or […]

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Up to 900 tropical bird species could “go extinct”

Thumbnail image for Up to 900 tropical bird species could “go extinct” by Alex Vargas 5 March 2012

Up to 900 species of tropical land birds around the world could become extinct by 2100, researchers say — a BBC Nature report by Anna-Louise Taylor for BBC Nature News (images in this post by Alex Vargas and Jorge Chinchilla) The finding is modeled on the effects of a 3.5C Earth surface temperature rise, a […]

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Yoav Perlman joins

Thumbnail image for Yoav Perlman joins by DaleForbes 1 March 2012

Yoav Perlman of the nubijar blog fame and fantastic Israeli birder and hobby photographer will be joining Having followed Yoav’s blog for the past few year, I am really excited to see and read what he shares on because he is bound to be a fantastic compliment to the team. Before Yoav starts […]

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