October 2012

Mom’s Feeder 2010 — Part 1 of 2

Thumbnail image for Mom’s Feeder 2010 — Part 1 of 2 by Alex Vargas 31 October 2012

The famous banana feeder at my mom’s house has been abandoned by periods, but everytime it gets re-activated, birds seem to be looking forward and remember quickly!… Such was the case in 2010… 23 years after my dad and I offered the very first banana… As soon as I showed 6 attractive plantains, members of […]

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Autumn Thrill

Thumbnail image for Autumn Thrill by YoavPerlman 20 October 2012

Autumn birding in Israel is just as exciting as in spring. The combination of huge numbers of migrants, great species richness and good rarity-hunting means birding is so much fun. While in spring exhausted migrants concentrate in southern Israel after crossing 2000 km of harsh desert before continuing north to their breeding grounds in Eurasia, […]

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Banded Ground-Cuckoo stake-out in Western Ecuador.

Thumbnail image for Banded Ground-Cuckoo stake-out in Western Ecuador. by Gunnar 14 October 2012

Banded Ground Cuckoo coming to hand outs right now. I am sure you have already heard about one of the most exciting stake-outs of birds this year. There is a Banded Ground-Cuckoo attending army ant swarms and coming around for hand outs at the relatively new reserve and research station Un Poco de Choco on […]

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Journal Club: One-eyed wooing

Thumbnail image for Journal Club: One-eyed wooing by Grrlscientist 10 October 2012

SUMMARY: A newly published study shows that beauty is in the right eye of the beholder for birds, providing the first demonstration in any animal of visual lateralization of mate choice. Conservation biologists are well aware that the most challenging part of their job is to convince their animals to breed — it’s certainly not […]

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