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We are proud to hear that BOU/Ibis  blog nominated Birdingblogs to the best multi author birding blog on the Web.

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BOU/Ibis mention. 

We are proud to hear that BOU/Ibis  blog nominated Birdingblogs as the best multi author birding blog on the Web. Look at the tweet above. BOU is using Twitter very wisely and it is very refreshing to see an institution like BOU step up and master Social Media like they do.  Their new knowledge is how to use Twitter effectively to build a community is revealed in this great  tutorial how to use Twitter effectively.  I found also very interesting that BOU offers to individuals in 3rd world countries can subscribe to Ibis and read all the content for the past 150 years on line for only 20 pound. Regular subscription is 35 pound.

Birdblogs hibernating?

As you may have noticed that lately there has not been much activity on Birdingblogs. It is as if Birdingblogs have been hibernating ove r the summer. Well, summer is now over and there shall be change. We are stepping up our frequency with new material and some new additions to our team.  I mean, with such flatter, we now have to live up to our reputation.  In October Birdingblogs will be 2 years old.

Want to blog on birdingblogs?

We also welcome guest bloggers. If you have something very hot you want to reach a larger audience let us know. Write Gunnar at We have a daily traffic of around 250 unique hits even when we don’t post, which means we have some very important posts that constantly attract visitors via searches.  This tend to lead visitors also checking out our newer content and other posts.

What kind of posts do you like? Do you want to flatter any of our bloggers in particular to inspire them to post more?  Let us know in the comment section below.


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