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World series of Birding

by Gunnar on May 12, 2012 · 2 comments

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I have arrived at Cape May after a lovely week at the Biggest Week of American Birding.  Many lifers, both birds and birders. Lifers were Greg Miller, Kenn and Kim Kaufman, Dawn Fine, Linda Rockwell, Doug Gochfield, Birdchick, Mark Beaman, Adrian Binns, Mike Watson, Lena Samsonaenko, Nemesis birders, etc.  Also several year ticks such as Jeff and Liz Gordon, Dale Forbes, Mark Hedden, Rafa Campos, Kevin Loughlin, Steve Ingraham…. The list goes on and on and on. Many friends from the Facebook and Twitter were seen and  new were added.
Now it is the World Series of Birding.

A couple of weeks ago Jason Kessler (remember Sht birders Saythat we featured here and here?) sent me a low resolution copy of his film Opposable Chums about the World Series.  It was a great film. The cuts was similar to Sht Birders Say in that scenes were changing fast and this gave a nice flow to

It gives a good idea what the World Series of birding is all about. Here is a sample from the Jason’s Channel. Make sure to watch all the 8 episodes. And if you want to buy the full video,  try the web-page.

Our team – The Biggest Day

The world series of birding is the biggest Big Day competition in the world. I got a small team together and am pleased to announce that Jason Kessler is joining our team The Biggest Day.  So is New York hot shot birder Isaac Grant.  We got a team!.
We have no pretension of winning, as we are only doing the southern part of New Jersey state.  But we shall try to raise some money. How many species do you think we can get?

Pledges for Colibri Cloudforest on Satipo Road

The world series of birding is a great fundraiser for bird conservation.  In total over the 29 years around 9 million dollars has been raised for bird conservation locally and internationally.  All the teams recruits pledges among friends and  businesses to donate to i.e. a dollar or a dime  for all birds recorded in 24h. The best teams can get around 230 birds in the state. We will be happy if we get half of that.

Help us out and support the Colibri Cloudforest

  • Pledge 1 a dime for every  bird we record.  (we think maybe 120 species of so) $120
  • Pledge 2 a quarter for every bird we record. Roughly $30
  • Pledge 3. a dollar for every bird. Roughly $120

Join a birding tour to Peru in which a part of the fee goes to Colibri Cloud Forest.  There are mainly two tours that we promote for Colibri Cloudforest. It is likely that Birding Adventures TV will be filming from these two tours.

1. The Biggest Day. Sep 16-29. $331 of the cost of the tour would go to RP if booking between May 1-May 30.
2. Central Peru which include Colibri Cloudforest Oct 2-9. $300 of the fee would go to the Colibri Cloudforest. We are still looking for a specific page to make donations for this cause. Please contact Niyanta Spelman for more details.


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