January 2013

World Birding Destination Cup 2013 2nd round.

Thumbnail image for World Birding Destination Cup 2013 2nd round. by Gunnar 21 January 2013

More excitement as 16 destinations are left in the World Birding Destination Cup 2013. You may vote for your favorites. What will it be. Peru or Borneo? Ecuador or Antarctica? New Guinea or SE Brazil? Australia or Pantanal? Costa Rica or Galapagos? North Peru or Alaska? Madagascar or Colombia?
Many difficult choices, but how about the all African derby? Kenya or South Africa? Have fun!

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Hitler misses a hoary redpoll | video

Thumbnail image for Hitler misses a hoary redpoll | video by Grrlscientist 16 January 2013

SUMMARY: If Hitler had been a bird watcher, how might he have reacted to not being the first person to see and photograph hoary redpolls in Colorado recently? If Hitler had been a birder in the United States, this is what may have happened when the hoary (Arctic) redpoll was recently spotted by someone else […]

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World Bird Cup 2013

Thumbnail image for World Bird Cup 2013 by Gunnar 1 January 2013

Facebook fun Do you remember World Bird Cup from last year? We had different birds around the world put up against each other for popularity. In the final Marvelous Spatuletail against Philippine Eagle, the eagle won a narrow win at the deadline. But votes kept on coming in after the deadline resulting in more votes for the Hummingbird. […]

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