May 2013

Journal Club: Scarlet macaw genome sequenced

Scarlet Macaw Tambopata Research Center by Grrlscientist 15 May 2013

SUMMARY: The newly-sequenced scarlet macaw genome will provide many important insights into avian and human biology, behaviours and genetics and will contribute to parrot conservation. Scarlet macaw, Ara macao, in flight. Image: Tambopata Research Center. [NOTE: This image has been altered; it has been cropped.]After many years of research into the behaviours, diseases, genetics and […]

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Alphabet Bird Collection | Book Review

Alphabet Bird Collection acrylic painting by <a href=Shelli Ogilvy (2008)" /> by Grrlscientist 8 May 2013

Magpie. Image: acrylic painting by Shelli Ogilvy (2008). Summary: A delightful book for baby birders that is crammed with poetry, information and gorgeous paintings of birds! Oh yeah, it teaches the letters of the English alphabet, too. Do you wish to share your love of birds, art and books with (your) children? If so, then […]

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