FINAL: World Birding Destination Cup 2013

Victoria Crowned Pigeon - Kerri Polizzi (FLickr)

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Rounding up 2013.

One New Years resolution is to blog more. Let’s see if we can kick some life into this great blog. In order not to leave any loose threads, here is the Gran Finale of the somewhat impossible challange to choose what destination (usually a country) is the best in the world  for birders. The criteria varies for different people. For some the exoticness  of the species one encounters is the main thing, for others the diversity or sheer numbers are more important. And for many travellers simply safety, accessibility, infrastructure and logistics are paramount. What is your key feature to rate a birding destination as the best in the world. You could cast your vote on a destination you have been to or one that you are dying to go to.

Results from The Semifinals

Below the results from the Semifinals between April 1- April 7. The numbers behind each destination indicates the number of votes.

  • Madagascar 36 New Guinea (PNG/Irian Jaya) 61
    New Guinea continues to crush their opponents. Madagascar endemism did not have a chance against the Birds of Paradise.
  • Kenya 71 Australia 43
    is perhaps the country in the world where it is easiest to SEE a lot of birds in a very short. After all the standing BIG DAY record of 342 species in 24h is from Kenya – and contrary to many species rich destinations in South America, the birds show well.

Read more about the semifinalists in the previous post.

Final New Guinea vs Kenya

This will be a hard one to vote for. OK, who would not want to see all the Birds of Paradise in courtship, but is it the best destination? Can it compete with the superb infrastructure in East Africa and where most of the birds can be seen in relative comfort without gruesome hikes in hilly country.
It is your vote.
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Runner up for third place.

Madagascar or Australia. A lot of unique bird families and weird mammals in both places. Again this is a tough choice. Which one is it for you?

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It is just a game.

I´ve said it before and I say it again. What you think in the end is what matters. This is just a game, and it is not certain you agree with the results. There are simply too many great birding destinations around the world.  But by all means. VOTE and PROMOTE.

If people locally become proud of their birds, and see that there are a lot of birders around the world that care about the birds in their country, that is all a good thing. I think, looking at past deliveries of this contest, that it may not be the birders who decide which is the best birding destination in the world but rather local conservationists and others who see this as an opportunity to route for their country.
By all means – go ahead! The more the better. Share and promote your favorite!

World Birding Cup 2014

 I am preparing a new World Bird Cup for 2014. It will be different and somewhat novel. Stay tuned for more.  

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Top Photo: Victoria Crowned Pigeon from Northern New Guinea. Photo: Kerry Polizzi on Flickr. Creative Commons.


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