The Great March of Anatolia

Krueper's Nuthatch Sitta krueperi by CharlieMoores 6 May 2011

“The Great March Of Anatolia is a movement initiated by the People of Anatolia to keep the water, nature and their roots alive. This is an open call for everyone and the march is carried out totally by individual and volunteer efforts. No institution or establishment is a counterpart, partner or organizer of this movement.” […]

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How do we solve a problem like Maria Malta

Thumbnail image for How do we solve a problem like <strike>Maria</strike> Malta by CharlieMoores 15 April 2011

“How do you solve a problem like Malta? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?” A couple of days ago I interviewed Geoffrey Saliba, Campaigns co-ordinator with BirdLife Malta (BLM) for a short Talking Naturally podcast. I’d contacted Geoffrey after he’d sent me a BLM press-release which had begun with the words, […]

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Black Dogs and Orange Tips

Thumbnail image for Black Dogs and Orange Tips by CharlieMoores 8 April 2011

I may well be committing a major faux-pas here at by writing two posts in a row that don’t actually feature a bird of any sort (I’m sure someone will tell me if I am), but as I now spend part of my time in a wooden shed editing podcasts and a good chunk […]

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A view from a new nest

Thumbnail image for A view from a new nest by CharlieMoores 31 March 2011

Writing for feels like an adventure – shared with a group of very talented individuals. Importantly there’s more the feel of making an investment here than of simply hopping aboard an express train with no particular interest in the destination as long as it’s still going forward.

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Extremadura and the EL50 Swarovisions (guest post)

Thumbnail image for Extremadura and the EL50 Swarovisions (guest post) by CharlieMoores 17 February 2011

Okay, a new voice here on Birding Blogs? Well, hopefully not ‘new’ as in never heard of before, but new here for sure – invited on as one-off guest blogger to write about my recent trip to Extremadura (Spain) with the brand new 10x and 12x EL50 Swarovisions courtesy of Dale Forbes (that’s both courtesy […]

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