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Ruby Tuesday

Thumbnail image for Ruby Tuesday by Rebecca Nason 21 October 2011

MALE SIBERIAN RUBYTHROAT – SHETLAND, UK It has been a while since I have posted on Birdingblogs and what better way of returning than to mention a particularly rare and stunning bird which is at this very moment sculking in the undergrowth of a small garden in Gulberwick on the Shetland mainland – the cream […]

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Winging it on Fair Isle

Thumbnail image for Winging it on Fair Isle by Rebecca Nason 4 August 2011

Winging it on Fair Isle . . . . Puffin Flight Photography – July Update. My favourite image taken on Fair Isle during my whistle-stop visit, a Puffin in flight interacting with other Puffins on land below. It has been a very hectic July and seems to be looking likely that August will go the […]

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Bird Ringing – how safe are mist nets?

Thumbnail image for Bird Ringing – how safe are mist nets? by Rebecca Nason 30 June 2011

How safe are mist nets? Photo: Sand Martins in mist net by © Rebecca Nason The following article has been forwarded to me and I thought I’d share in with my fellow birding bloggers, many of whom may be bird ringers/banders or have a general interest in the use of mist nets in bird research […]

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Manitoba in June

Thumbnail image for Manitoba in June by Rebecca Nason 23 June 2011

  Well my apologies ;-( I  know I have been a rather illusive participant in ‘birdingblogs’ in recent weeks, in fact I feel my feet have barely touched the ground since our Lesvos tour back in early May! However, finally I’m back in my coastal Suffolk abode and have managed to free up a little […]

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Thumbnail image for GGRRRRREAT REED WARBLER ON LESBIAN ISLAND! by Rebecca Nason 19 May 2011

GGRRRRRRRRReat REED WARLBER – one of the many highlights from our LESVOS 2011 Trip. Phil & I led a small birdwatching and photographic group of 6 to the stunning birding Aegean mecca of Lesvos from the 5th to the 12th May on behalf of the Travelling Naturalist. This was the 7th year of leading groups […]

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Aegean Rainbow Continued . . .

Thumbnail image for Aegean Rainbow Continued . . . by Rebecca Nason 26 April 2011

Every year produces new and exciting bird and wildlife highlights in Lesvos, no tours are ever the same and there are always exceptional and often unexpected bird encounters which make each trip special. Heading out to Lesvos in April and early May lands you straight in the middle of spring migration, and whether you find […]

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Aegean Rainbow

Thumbnail image for Aegean Rainbow by Rebecca Nason 14 April 2011

Phil and I have been leading birdwatching trips to the Greek Aegean Island of Lesvos for 7 years now on behalf of the Travelling Naturalist, a wildlife tour company based in Dorset, UK ( As we head into April we really start to look forward to what Lesvos 2011 might bring us as every year […]

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Naked Bittern Exposed

Thumbnail image for Naked Bittern Exposed by Rebecca Nason 19 March 2011

Minsmere is the RSPB’s premier nature reserve on the Suffolk coast, East Anglia, UK, and luckily for me, just a stones throw away from where I live half an hours drive further down the coast. I do not visit as much as i’d like to or should, but when I do, I am always pleased […]

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‘Tirrick’ Tern Gallery

Thumbnail image for ‘Tirrick’ Tern Gallery by Rebecca Nason 10 March 2011

A small ‘Arctic Tern‘ Sterna paradisaea  or ‘Tirrick‘ (Old Norse/Shetland for Arctic Tern) gallery  . . . .all taken on Fair Isle, Shetland, UK. It won’t be long before these stunning long distance migrants are back on their territories again!

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Pool-Side Show

Thumbnail image for Pool-Side Show by Rebecca Nason 3 March 2011

In 2006 I spent 2 weeks on a family holiday in Australia. The whole trip was fantastic, filled with long distance 4 x 4 driving, incredible scenery and some of the best birds to be seen anywhere in the world. One of the highlights for me was my first close encounter with a member of […]

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A Taiwan Taster . . . .

Thumbnail image for A Taiwan Taster . . . . by Rebecca Nason 11 February 2011

I visited Taiwan in September 2010 for 9 days on behalf of the Taiwanese Tourist Board – I was not to be disappointed. Taiwan or ‘Ilha Formosa’ means the ‘beautiful Island’ and indeed it is, from lowlands to high mountain peaks up to 3000m and many large scale national parks offering a wealth of bird […]

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Puffin Passion

Thumbnail image for Puffin Passion by Rebecca Nason 27 January 2011

One of the members of the Auk family,  Atlantic Puffin Fratercula arctica, is one of my all time favourite birds and probably the most photographed seabird in the world – but I don’t think you can ever have too many Puffin images! Who could not be hooked after their first encounter with one? their endearing […]

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What A Turdus!

Thumbnail image for What A Turdus! by Rebecca Nason 21 January 2011

I have just seen a new post ‘ A Tremendous Turdus’ uploaded today by Ian McKerchar on the Manchester birding website. This post is an account of the incredible sighting and gripping IMAGES of a stunning Dusky Thrush – seen briefly by non-birding plane spotter Ian Reynolds in his garden in Leigh on the 8th […]

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Hawfinch Haven – 2 Days in Sweden

Thumbnail image for Hawfinch Haven – 2 Days in Sweden by Rebecca Nason 14 January 2011

I have just returned from a brief but very enjoyable 2 days bird photography trip to one of my favourite locations, the Black River Valley area of Svartådalen in Southern Sweden. I have been to this stunning area 5 times before since my first visit in 2003 when I visited as a guest of the […]

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‘The Glorious Twelfth’ Hot Bird Pursuits in 2010

Thumbnail image for ‘The Glorious Twelfth’ Hot Bird Pursuits in 2010 by Rebecca Nason 6 January 2011

The ‘Glorious Twelfth’ for me refers to the 12 British ‘ticks’ I saw during 2010! I am only now starting to think back what 2010 was like for me, and on all accounts it was a pretty good year! I always find birds good subjects to get the memory clogs turning, if I can remember […]

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A Snowy Encounter – of the third time.

Thumbnail image for A Snowy Encounter – of the third time. by Rebecca Nason 30 December 2010

The recent heavy snow conditions have no doubt been a photographers paradise throughout the UK. For me however it was met with frustration as I had a nasty flu bug to hamper my much wanted time ‘out in the field’ and my main Nikon lens was in London for repair (for far too long!) after an […]

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Going for Gold

Thumbnail image for Going for Gold by Rebecca Nason 23 December 2010

Goldcrest Christmas I thought I had managed to get away with going through all of freezing October, November and snow-filled December in the UK without getting some nasty Winter bug. But no, alas I fell at the last hurdle. . . catching this latest miserable bug I imagine whilst out Christmas shopping, bringing home a […]

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A Fresh New Image for the BTO

Thumbnail image for A Fresh New Image for the BTO by Rebecca Nason 10 December 2010

New logo for BTO The British Trust for Ornithology has just revealed it’s new look website, logo and image!! On their website it states the following: Welcome to the new website – the first evidence of a fresh BTO image. It still has links to your favourite surveys and traditional features, such as BirdFacts and Bird trends, […]

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Addicted to – Bird Art . . . .

Thumbnail image for Addicted to – Bird Art . . . . by Rebecca Nason 10 December 2010

I have to confess to being a lover of fine bird art, from the modern to the antique. At the Bird Fair each August in Rutland, UK, I have a stand in the art marquee where I sell my photographs and have enjoyed exhibiting and selling my work there for 6 years now. However, every […]

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Gull-ty Pleasure

Thumbnail image for Gull-ty Pleasure by Rebecca Nason 4 December 2010

UK Winter Wonderland – The weather in the UK has been more reminiscent of Siberia over the past 10 days of so, with thick snow in many parts and near constant minus temperatures. Now back in Suffolk after our Autumn on Fair Isle, we have been quite literally in the thick of it with over a […]

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