Autumn Thrill

Thumbnail image for Autumn Thrill by YoavPerlman 20 October 2012

Autumn birding in Israel is just as exciting as in spring. The combination of huge numbers of migrants, great species richness and good rarity-hunting means birding is so much fun. While in spring exhausted migrants concentrate in southern Israel after crossing 2000 km of harsh desert before continuing north to their breeding grounds in Eurasia, […]

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Turkish Delight

Thumbnail image for Turkish Delight by YoavPerlman 28 July 2012

Join Yoav Perlman’s birding experiences in Turkey Last month I went on a short weekend trip with three of my mates to Turkey. Our main target bird was Brown Fish Owl. I am not a keen WP lister but this is an almost mythical bird for Israeli birders. I was born just a few months […]

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Spring – summer

Thumbnail image for Spring – summer by YoavPerlman 1 July 2012

Yoav Perlman enjoys massive late spring migration and cool breeding birds in Israel In my previous post I went mental about what happened here in March and April, and May was just as good. The massive flood of migrants continued to pour over southern Israel. Huge numbers of migrants were on the ground and overhead. […]

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Spring mania

Thumbnail image for Spring mania by YoavPerlman 2 May 2012

Yoav Perlman shares his exciting spring migration experiences from southern Israel Israel is world-famous for the huge volume and variety of migration, as entire populations flying between Eurasia and Africe funnel through the country twice a year. This amazing phenomenon is what makes Israel so great for birding, and as a young birder I grew up […]

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Stars of the night

Thumbnail image for Stars of the night by YoavPerlman 27 March 2012

Israel nightbirds Daytime birding in Israel is as exciting as it gets in the WP. Migration in full swing, rarities being found every ten minutes, great birders from all over the world (many Finnsticks among them). But the real action begins when the sun goes down. Night birding is so full of adrenalin. The main […]

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Sexy Sylvia

Thumbnail image for Sexy Sylvia by YoavPerlman 13 March 2012

Little Brown Jobs? Not Sylvia. Western Palaearctic warblers are terrible birds: Acrocephalus warblers are brown-grey; Hippolais warblers are olive-grey; Phylloscopus warblers are greenish-grey; and Locustellas are just brown. They are a true nightmare for identification, even in the hand. They hybridize and mix. And they just look so boring! If you find some streaks or […]

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