Birds and people

Interview with Noah Strycker

Thumbnail image for Interview with Noah Strycker by Gunnar 10 February 2015

Noah Strycker is on a quest for 5000 birds in year. The ultimate BIG YEAR. We asked him some questions. DO you have any questions you want to ask him?

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Run for Birds at the British Birdfair

Thumbnail image for Run for Birds at the British Birdfair by Gunnar 6 August 2014

You don’t want to miss running and see birds with this view! At 7 AM on August 16 we are arranging a run on the Hambleton peninsula at Rutland Waters Nature Reserve. There is nothing strange about a run here. The local runners from Rutland Running & Triathlon Club, Leicestershire and Rutland Sports and Melton […]

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Duck gauntlet | video |

Thumbnail image for Duck gauntlet | video | by Grrlscientist 15 September 2012

SUMMARY: Why did the mother duck lead her ducklings across the road? To give watching humans a collective heart attack! It’s an age-old riddle: why did the chicken cross the road? Even school children ask this, intending it as a joke. But when a mother duck decides to shepherd her brood of day-old ducklings across […]

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Restoring Beauty | video |

Thumbnail image for Restoring Beauty | video | by Grrlscientist 8 September 2012

Prosthetic upper mandible. SUMMARY: A seriously injured bald eagle now has a bionic beak, thanks to modern technology One morning in 2005, an adult female bald eagle was spotted whilst scrounging for food at a landfill in Alaska. Emaciated, she was starving to death in the midst of a bounty of food. A poacher had […]

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I’ve just met a goose named Maria, and suddenly nothing will ever be the same | video |

Thumbnail image for I’ve just met a goose named Maria, and suddenly nothing will ever be the same | video | by Grrlscientist 2 September 2012

SUMMARY: A retired salesman is befriended by a lonely goose whilst walking around a manmade lake in a small park in a very big city Maria in quarantine at the Los Angeles Zoo (screenshot/CBS News). .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. This interesting video shows how strong the pair bond […]

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