Birding Western Palearctic

Autumn Thrill

Thumbnail image for Autumn Thrill by YoavPerlman 20 October 2012

Autumn birding in Israel is just as exciting as in spring. The combination of huge numbers of migrants, great species richness and good rarity-hunting means birding is so much fun. While in spring exhausted migrants concentrate in southern Israel after crossing 2000 km of harsh desert before continuing north to their breeding grounds in Eurasia, […]

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Turkish Delight

Thumbnail image for Turkish Delight by YoavPerlman 28 July 2012

Join Yoav Perlman’s birding experiences in Turkey Last month I went on a short weekend trip with three of my mates to Turkey. Our main target bird was Brown Fish Owl. I am not a keen WP lister but this is an almost mythical bird for Israeli birders. I was born just a few months […]

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Spring – summer

Thumbnail image for Spring – summer by YoavPerlman 1 July 2012

Yoav Perlman enjoys massive late spring migration and cool breeding birds in Israel In my previous post I went mental about what happened here in March and April, and May was just as good. The massive flood of migrants continued to pour over southern Israel. Huge numbers of migrants were on the ground and overhead. […]

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How many Longeared Owls fit in a tree?

Thumbnail image for How many Longeared Owls fit in a tree? by DaleForbes 3 June 2012

At least 200. With space for a Short-eared Owl. Well, at least if you are in the little Hungarian town of Hortobagy in Winter. We were in the steppes of Hortobagy earlier this year and our guide – Balazs Szigeti – couldn’t wait to get us in to the quaint village of Hortobagy to show […]

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Spring mania

Thumbnail image for Spring mania by YoavPerlman 2 May 2012

Yoav Perlman shares his exciting spring migration experiences from southern Israel Israel is world-famous for the huge volume and variety of migration, as entire populations flying between Eurasia and Africe funnel through the country twice a year. This amazing phenomenon is what makes Israel so great for birding, and as a young birder I grew up […]

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Snowfinch: THE bird of the Alps

Thumbnail image for Snowfinch: THE bird of the Alps by DaleForbes 29 April 2012

The White-winged Snowfinch (Montifringilla nivalis) has got to be just about the most mountain-y bird found in the Alps – occurring exclusively above 1800m above sea level. Where trees stop, the Snowfinch stops. In fact I have only once seen a Snowfinch near a tree and that was in the depth of winter when three […]

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Stars of the night

Thumbnail image for Stars of the night by YoavPerlman 27 March 2012

Israel nightbirds Daytime birding in Israel is as exciting as it gets in the WP. Migration in full swing, rarities being found every ten minutes, great birders from all over the world (many Finnsticks among them). But the real action begins when the sun goes down. Night birding is so full of adrenalin. The main […]

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Sexy Sylvia

Thumbnail image for Sexy Sylvia by YoavPerlman 13 March 2012

Little Brown Jobs? Not Sylvia. Western Palaearctic warblers are terrible birds: Acrocephalus warblers are brown-grey; Hippolais warblers are olive-grey; Phylloscopus warblers are greenish-grey; and Locustellas are just brown. They are a true nightmare for identification, even in the hand. They hybridize and mix. And they just look so boring! If you find some streaks or […]

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Beautiful winter birding in Bükk Hills, Hungary

Thumbnail image for Beautiful winter birding in Bükk Hills, Hungary by DaleForbes 26 February 2012

Last weekend I got to spend a wonderful day out in the Bükk Hills National Park (Bükki Nemzeti Park) in eastern Hungary. Snowfall overnight had coated the entire area in fluffy white powder, and the clouds had parted to make for absolutely stunning light and beautiful dappled colours pouring through the woodland. and later in […]

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Snow Bunting

Thumbnail image for Snow Bunting by DaleForbes 11 December 2011

Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis) is one of those birds that just get me salivating but, unfortunately (or maybe as a consequence of) it is a rarity in Austria and I had only seen it once, just down the road from work last year where a local birder and friend (Paul) found one in a mixed […]

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out birding, not blogging

Thumbnail image for out birding, not blogging by DaleForbes 27 November 2011

lunch time in the glass house restaurant with a great view over Bodensee / Lake Constance, the lake wedged between Austria, Switzerland and Germany. A couple thousand coots, Tufted Duck and Pochard paddle about outside, entertained by the odd Red-crested Pochard, Teal, Gadwell and others. Whooper Swans are always great too and world on the […]

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Am I failing miserably as a Birder?

Thumbnail image for Am I failing miserably as a Birder? by DaleForbes 30 October 2011

Birdchaser Rob Fergus has just updated his thought-provoking Bird RDA and come up with the idea of a 20 Bird Minimum Daily Requirement. As Rob describes it, the new concept “more clearly states the purpose of the distinction–that birders need to see a minimum number of species each day in order to stay sharp.” When […]

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The Greatest Wild Goose Festival?

Thumbnail image for The Greatest Wild Goose Festival? by DaleForbes 23 October 2011

Quite possibly the coolest wild goose festival in the universe takes place every winter around a lake in western Hungary and the quaint town of Tata. It is also the only one I know of, but that is besides the point. The XI Tata Wild Goose Festival (Tatai Vadlúd Sokadalom) will take place on 25-27 […]

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Ruby Tuesday

Thumbnail image for Ruby Tuesday by Rebecca Nason 21 October 2011

MALE SIBERIAN RUBYTHROAT – SHETLAND, UK It has been a while since I have posted on Birdingblogs and what better way of returning than to mention a particularly rare and stunning bird which is at this very moment sculking in the undergrowth of a small garden in Gulberwick on the Shetland mainland – the cream […]

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Four birds – that hurts

Thumbnail image for Four birds – that hurts by Gunnar 21 September 2011

Tristan Reid aka as Binocularface is doing a painful quest. He is raising money for bird conservation in Turkey, while adding 20 tattoos of Turkish birds to his arms. So far he has raised £1,420.00. The goal is to raise £10, 000. Check out the first 4 bird tattoos. Aren’t they something?

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Winging it on Fair Isle

Thumbnail image for Winging it on Fair Isle by Rebecca Nason 4 August 2011

Winging it on Fair Isle . . . . Puffin Flight Photography – July Update. My favourite image taken on Fair Isle during my whistle-stop visit, a Puffin in flight interacting with other Puffins on land below. It has been a very hectic July and seems to be looking likely that August will go the […]

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Are you going to the birdfair?

Thumbnail image for Are you going to the birdfair? by Gunnar 28 July 2011

The BIG British BirdFair Meet-up. It might be a surprise to some that I am actually going to the British Birdfair this year. Last year about this time I was promoting the Virtual Birdfair on my blog- an idea that the resources at the birdfair would be better sought on-line on a central portal which […]

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Top 10 birds of Turkey

Thumbnail image for Top 10 birds of Turkey by GuestPost-TristanReid 25 July 2011

Turkey gives fabulous birding with Northern Bald Ibis, Caspian Snowcock, Spur-winged Plover and many more. Tristan Reid presents the 10 best birds and the key birdwatching areas. In fact, Tristan made a pledge to raise money for BirdLife Turkey by tattooing his right arm with the same 10 birds.

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Reed Cormorant in Spain

Thumbnail image for Reed Cormorant in Spain by DaleForbes 22 May 2011

Spain’s only record of the Pygmy Cormorant (Microcarbo pygmaeus) is from a single cormorant collected in Catalunya in 1855, with no known records since. The large numbers of Pygmy Cormorants in Italy (particularly in the Po Delta in Northern Italy), their recent “overflow” trend to establish new satellite colonies (e.g. Neusiedlersee in Eastern Austria), Europe-wide […]

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Thumbnail image for GGRRRRREAT REED WARBLER ON LESBIAN ISLAND! by Rebecca Nason 19 May 2011

GGRRRRRRRRReat REED WARLBER – one of the many highlights from our LESVOS 2011 Trip. Phil & I led a small birdwatching and photographic group of 6 to the stunning birding Aegean mecca of Lesvos from the 5th to the 12th May on behalf of the Travelling Naturalist. This was the 7th year of leading groups […]

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