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The Great March of Anatolia

Krueper's Nuthatch Sitta krueperi by CharlieMoores 6 May 2011

“The Great March Of Anatolia is a movement initiated by the People of Anatolia to keep the water, nature and their roots alive. This is an open call for everyone and the march is carried out totally by individual and volunteer efforts. No institution or establishment is a counterpart, partner or organizer of this movement.” […]

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Aegean Rainbow Continued . . .

Thumbnail image for Aegean Rainbow Continued . . . by Rebecca Nason 26 April 2011

Every year produces new and exciting bird and wildlife highlights in Lesvos, no tours are ever the same and there are always exceptional and often unexpected bird encounters which make each trip special. Heading out to Lesvos in April and early May lands you straight in the middle of spring migration, and whether you find […]

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How do we solve a problem like Maria Malta

Thumbnail image for How do we solve a problem like <strike>Maria</strike> Malta by CharlieMoores 15 April 2011

“How do you solve a problem like Malta? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?” A couple of days ago I interviewed Geoffrey Saliba, Campaigns co-ordinator with BirdLife Malta (BLM) for a short Talking Naturally podcast. I’d contacted Geoffrey after he’d sent me a BLM press-release which had begun with the words, […]

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Aegean Rainbow

Thumbnail image for Aegean Rainbow by Rebecca Nason 14 April 2011

Phil and I have been leading birdwatching trips to the Greek Aegean Island of Lesvos for 7 years now on behalf of the Travelling Naturalist, a wildlife tour company based in Dorset, UK ( As we head into April we really start to look forward to what Lesvos 2011 might bring us as every year […]

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A view from a new nest

Thumbnail image for A view from a new nest by CharlieMoores 31 March 2011

Writing for feels like an adventure – shared with a group of very talented individuals. Importantly there’s more the feel of making an investment here than of simply hopping aboard an express train with no particular interest in the destination as long as it’s still going forward.

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Charlie Moores joins

Thumbnail image for Charlie Moores joins by DaleForbes 27 March 2011

That’s right, the incredibly brilliant Charlie Moores is to join our humble ranks. Charlie started “Charlie’s Bird Blog” in 2004 and quickly made a name for himself in the bird world. Actually, come to think of it, 2004 was centuries ago in blogging history. Almost pre-historic. That would have put Charlie right up there with […]

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Featured~Blow me away~Bird Blogger of the Week

Thumbnail image for Featured~Blow me away~Bird Blogger of the Week by dAwN FiNe 25 March 2011

Howdee all, We are still in Florida..enjoying the warmth, hiking, birding and checking out the natural springs in the Ocala National Forest.. We leave next week for a two day drive to North Carolina where we will stay for a month, before heading to~two great Birding Festivals in May. ~The New River Birding and Nature […]

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Alpine Accentors (Prunella collaris) in Tirol

Thumbnail image for Alpine Accentors (Prunella collaris) in Tirol by DaleForbes 20 March 2011

The Alpine Accentor (Prunella collaris) is one of our most characteristic birds of the high Alps; breeding and spending the summer months almost completely above the treeline (about 1800m/6000ft asl in Tirol). In late March, the Alpine Accentors return to their breeding areas from their lower wintering grounds (i.e. an altitudinal migration) but, from what […]

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Naked Bittern Exposed

Thumbnail image for Naked Bittern Exposed by Rebecca Nason 19 March 2011

Minsmere is the RSPB’s premier nature reserve on the Suffolk coast, East Anglia, UK, and luckily for me, just a stones throw away from where I live half an hours drive further down the coast. I do not visit as much as i’d like to or should, but when I do, I am always pleased […]

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British Birders – a separate subspecies?

Thumbnail image for British Birders – a separate subspecies? by DaleForbes 13 March 2011

I have only been in Britain a couple of times, and have yet to go birdwatching there (an Osprey at Birdfair doesn’t count). But the British Birdwatcher has certainly intrigued me for many years. Never having seen them in their natural habitat, my impression of British Birdwatchers is based almost exclusively on studying them as […]

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‘Tirrick’ Tern Gallery

Thumbnail image for ‘Tirrick’ Tern Gallery by Rebecca Nason 10 March 2011

A small ‘Arctic Tern‘ Sterna paradisaea  or ‘Tirrick‘ (Old Norse/Shetland for Arctic Tern) gallery  . . . .all taken on Fair Isle, Shetland, UK. It won’t be long before these stunning long distance migrants are back on their territories again!

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Featured (UK) Bird Blogger of the Week~FAB

Thumbnail image for Featured (UK) Bird Blogger of the Week~FAB by dAwN FiNe 4 March 2011

Howdee all, Welcome friends to week 17 of…Drum roll please….. ~Featured Bird Blogger of the Week~ This week we cyber-travel to the  ninth largest island in the world, to visit our featured Bird Blogger Frank Boxell of The Early Birder. Frank started blogging just over two years ago following a chance meeting with a wildlife […]

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Featured Bird Photographer – Steve Fletcher

Thumbnail image for Featured Bird Photographer – Steve Fletcher by DaleForbes 27 February 2011

In putting together the birding game scene for Extremadura, we were looking for images of some of the Extremaduran bird specials – particularly tricky photos. Steve Fletcher really helped us out with this, providing 140+ photos of Extremaduran raptors, steppe birds and wonders of the Dehesas, including some really really tough photos. Anyhow, so through […]

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Digiscoping Lesser Kestrels in Trujillo, Extremadura

Thumbnail image for Digiscoping Lesser Kestrels in Trujillo, Extremadura by DaleForbes 20 February 2011

The first Lesser Kestrels (Falco naumanni) have just started arriving back to Extremadura, and while we were there for the EL50 Swarovision field trials, we got some chance to hang out at the local bull fighting ring in the evenings, to enjoy the Lesser Kestrels in all their wonder – calling, playing and swooping; all […]

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Extremadura and the EL50 Swarovisions (guest post)

Thumbnail image for Extremadura and the EL50 Swarovisions (guest post) by CharlieMoores 17 February 2011

Okay, a new voice here on Birding Blogs? Well, hopefully not ‘new’ as in never heard of before, but new here for sure – invited on as one-off guest blogger to write about my recent trip to Extremadura (Spain) with the brand new 10x and 12x EL50 Swarovisions courtesy of Dale Forbes (that’s both courtesy […]

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Spain, the EL50 and me

Thumbnail image for Spain, the EL50 and me by DaleForbes 6 February 2011

My life has recently been dominated by the launch of the new Swarovski EL50 Swarovision binoculars and all the million small details that need to be taken care of. This has been made easier by two things: 1. I really love this binocular, and 2. It is a really great binocular (fairly sure I am […]

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Featured Digiscoper: Jörg Kretzschmar (DE)

Thumbnail image for Featured Digiscoper: Jörg Kretzschmar (DE) by DaleForbes 30 January 2011

Dr Jörg Kretzschmar is one the digiscopers that I respect the most. He has a passion for photography and a remarkable eye for photographic art. And I love his creations. The photo at the top of this post beautifully plays with depth, movement and colour. I love the way the lines of the bird in […]

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Puffin Passion

Thumbnail image for Puffin Passion by Rebecca Nason 27 January 2011

One of the members of the Auk family,  Atlantic Puffin Fratercula arctica, is one of my all time favourite birds and probably the most photographed seabird in the world – but I don’t think you can ever have too many Puffin images! Who could not be hooked after their first encounter with one? their endearing […]

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The Crazy Mix- Birds and People

Thumbnail image for The Crazy Mix- Birds and People by MartinGarner 26 January 2011

I have had some interesting encounters in recent days. Some scary. Some wonderful. And they are all around observations in  the strange middle ground where humans and birds meet. The photo of feathers above was one such case. But just  for fun- can you identify the bird species– even to age and sex? I found this individual with a broken wing having hit some (man-made) overhead power lines. Its could just about […]

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