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Birds from Laem Pak Bia, part 2 of 3

Thumbnail image for Birds from Laem Pak Bia, part 2 of 3 by Alex Vargas 16 December 2011

Second part that accounts some of my many photographic expeditions at Laem Pak Bia, a great area for waders and much more… December 23rd, 2008   &   December 27th, 2008 Just before Christmas (08), we visited the King’s Project on a sunny day and got a few images… it was already pretty dry around Central Thailand […]

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Snow Bunting

Thumbnail image for Snow Bunting by DaleForbes 11 December 2011

Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis) is one of those birds that just get me salivating but, unfortunately (or maybe as a consequence of) it is a rarity in Austria and I had only seen it once, just down the road from work last year where a local birder and friend (Paul) found one in a mixed […]

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Red Beak, Big Lunch

Thumbnail image for Red Beak, Big Lunch by Alex Vargas 2 December 2011

Witness how a beautiful and aggressive Black-capped Kingfisher battles hard to prepare and enjoy a big crab for lunch! In october 2010, someone posted in my forum (birdphotoforum.com) a pretty decent image of the elusive and attractive Black-capped Kingfisher and that immediately caught my full attention. Turned out, the blue hunter was closer to my […]

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Western Australia – Part 4 of 4

Thumbnail image for Western Australia – Part 4 of 4 by Alex Vargas 25 November 2011

Penguin Island: a small patch of land with some very special birds + Herdsman’s Lake: lots of waterfowl in the big -City- Park and Lake We decided to take one morning and sleep late (I know… lazy as birders). Then after lunch, we took the short ferry ride to The Penguins Island. Boy! what a […]

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Interview with the Digiscoper of the Year 2011: Tara Tanaka

Thumbnail image for Interview with the Digiscoper of the Year 2011: Tara Tanaka by DaleForbes 20 November 2011

The results for the Swarovski Digiscoper of the Year 2011 competition have just been announced: http://digiscoperoftheyear.com/ This year’s winner is Tara Tanaka of Florida, USA. Although Tara has had some great entries in Digiscoper of the Year in the past, her entries this year really stood out; turning the heads of both the judges and […]

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Western Australia – Part 3 of 4

Thumbnail image for Western Australia – Part 3 of 4 by Alex Vargas 17 November 2011

Pemberton, a beautiful town with beautiful people and many beautiful birds & Lake Monger + Erick Street Beachfront, cool birds in the middle of the City After all that fantastic birding and Bird-Photo adventures in Stirling and Cheynes, we were a bit concerned of having a bit too high expectations of the future… We couldn’t […]

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Sunrise digiscoping

Thumbnail image for Sunrise digiscoping by DaleForbes 13 November 2011

One of the things I love about digiscoping is playing with it – trying out different things. Sure I take my fair share of side-on profile singing bird portraits, but I also like to see what else is possible. In September, I spent a weekend in Falsterbo (southwestern Sweden) at the Falsterbo Bird Show, soaking […]

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Western Australia – Part 2 of 4

Thumbnail image for Western Australia – Part 2 of 4 by Alex Vargas 11 November 2011

Stirling Range – the best Bird-Photo spot of our WA trip & Cheynes Beach – truly a fantastic coastal paradise with really good Birding Getting to Stirling Range Retreat was not easy and although -today- we have a good laugh everytime we remember how the GPS got us lost and in the middle of a […]

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Western Australia – Part 1 of 4

Thumbnail image for Western Australia – Part 1 of 4 by Alex Vargas 3 November 2011

Bibra Lake – a fantastic bird-photo introduction to WA & Dryandra Woodlands – a great site that deserves more time! My first bird-photo trip to the amazing Australia, was to the Western Part and in 2 weeks, barely covered a portion of this wonderful land of contrast and crazy biodiversity. Photography was pretty challenging, but […]

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Blue-throated Bee-eater… a colorful sacrifice!

Thumbnail image for Blue-throated Bee-eater… a colorful sacrifice! by Alex Vargas 27 October 2011

Bee-eaters are fantastic and gracious birds, pretty colorful all of them. The Blue-throated it’s amongst my favorites as it is a beautiful -not so easy to get- target… and I love that kind of challenge! This is a quick story that involves a cool bird, a super hotspot -by all means- to go get it […]

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Sunbirds Heaven

Thumbnail image for Sunbirds Heaven by Alex Vargas 20 October 2011

Sunbirds are Fantastic birds and Krating Waterfall it’s a real Hotspot to photograph them! I was trilled to see 3 species of Sunbirds at the roadside gardens of the Rain Forest Discovery Center (Malaysian Borneo) in 2010, but when I visited Wat Krating Waterfall –in Khao Kitchakut National Park (eastern Thailand), I was blown away […]

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Bird-Photographer Luis Vargas, a Costa Rican that Loves Dogs!

Thumbnail image for Bird-Photographer Luis Vargas, a Costa Rican that Loves Dogs! by Alex Vargas 13 October 2011

Luis Vargas, his Birds, his Dogs, his Travels and a Lesson to Everyone I decided to feature my good friend Luis (it has my last name, but we are not related), as he is a pretty simple and friendly guy that has lots of birds and story to share. He has a fantastic feeder in […]

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Vote now for the Digiscoper of the Year 2011

Thumbnail image for Vote now for the Digiscoper of the Year 2011 by DaleForbes 9 October 2011

Public voting for the Digiscoper of the Year 2011 is now open – all you need to do is go to the Digiscoper of the Year website, login, and then select your Top 10 favorite photos. Every year I am stunned by the quality of images that are entered in to the competition and this […]

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Waders Galore

Thumbnail image for Waders Galore by Alex Vargas 7 October 2011

Thailand is invaded by thousands of waders every winter… Kho Kham it’s a fantastic site to photograph them! Just over an hour away from Bangkok, Kho Kham Salt Pans it’s a great meeting and feeding spot for resident and migrant species of waders. On the right time, you can see thousands… Literally! Kho Kham represents […]

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Birding & Diving Kho Tao, Thailand

Thumbnail image for Birding & Diving Kho Tao, Thailand by DaleForbes 2 October 2011

We spent the last week of our summer holidays on the beautiful island of Koh Tao off the east coast of Thailand (in the Gulf of Thailand near Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan) to spend time with one of our other great passions – the underwater world. But it wasn’t just the underwater world […]

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My Hottest Bird-Photo Spot in the World

Thumbnail image for My Hottest Bird-Photo Spot in the World by Alex Vargas 29 September 2011

Loong Sin Blind… a Bird-Photographers Paradise Loong Sin (loong in Thai means uncle) is a simple man with a life of experience in the forest. That smiley and helpful little man wasn’t always a great friend of nature. This is -in fact- one of these stories with a happy turn that makes the world better. […]

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Banded Pitta in Southern Thailand

Thumbnail image for Banded Pitta in Southern Thailand by Alex Vargas 22 September 2011

Banded Pitta… A Bird-Photo Jewel Pittas are fascinating birds that hope around the forest floors in tropical Asia and Australasia, with a couple of species found in Africa. The Banded Pitta (Pitta guajana) it’s located in the Thai-Malay Peninsula and the Greater Sundas (except the Island of Sulawesi, in Indonesia). In Thailand, one can only […]

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The stunning Javan Pond Heron

Thumbnail image for The stunning Javan Pond Heron by DaleForbes 18 September 2011

Gulls do not excite me. I am slowly starting to develop an addiction to waders, but Pond Herons, they really do it for me. I am a late-comer to Pond Herons, only having seen my first Ardeola Pond Heron in July of 2011. But it was love at first sight. Heading down toward Kaeng Krachan National […]

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Birds + Photography = BIRDPHOTO

Thumbnail image for Birds + Photography = BIRDPHOTO by Alex Vargas 15 September 2011

Birding with a camera in Thailand. Birdwatching is today, one of the strongest lines of tourism around the globe. According to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service study, only in the United States of America, birdwatchers contributed with 36 billion USD to the nation’s economy in 2006, and over 20% of all Americans are identified […]

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Alex Vargas joins BirdingBlogs.com

Thumbnail image for Alex Vargas joins BirdingBlogs.com by DaleForbes 11 September 2011

Alex Vargas’ photos always really stood out to me on facebook. And over the years I have spent more and more time exploring his various galleries to see what he has been up to and to be moved by the images he produces. Over the summer, I got to meet Alex and his family, and […]

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