Falcon Finale murder mystery for free

Thumbnail image for Falcon Finale murder mystery for free by Gunnar 9 August 2013

Bob White solves a birder murder mystery. This looks almost to good to be true to lovers of detective stories and birdwatching. A free murder mystery with birders as main characters. Having just finished a Swedish crime novel The Nightmare by Lars Kepler (the best successor to Stig Larsson according to many), I checked my […]

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Alphabet Bird Collection | Book Review

Alphabet Bird Collection acrylic painting by <a href=Shelli Ogilvy (2008)" /> by Grrlscientist 8 May 2013

Magpie. Image: acrylic painting by Shelli Ogilvy (2008). Summary: A delightful book for baby birders that is crammed with poetry, information and gorgeous paintings of birds! Oh yeah, it teaches the letters of the English alphabet, too. Do you wish to share your love of birds, art and books with (your) children? If so, then […]

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Pittas: The Jewel Hunter.

Thumbnail image for Pittas: The Jewel Hunter. by Gunnar 3 February 2012

Book review: The Jewel Hunter. Birdingblogs is doing far too few book reviews.  But then again, others make great reviews, so to keep our readers updated, another strategy could be to share exceptional reviews from others. I really like Donna Lynn Schulman’s review on 10000birds of  The Jewel Hunter (affilliate link) by Chris Goodie. Chris […]

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Book Review: Top Birding Sites of Europe by Dominic Couzens

Thumbnail image for Book Review: Top Birding Sites of Europe by Dominic Couzens by DaleForbes 15 January 2012

I love books and I really like to travel, so I started looking in to some of the offerings on the book market with collections of places which I should consider putting on my birding/visiting bucket list. Now, given that this particular list is already rather long, and my knowledge of Europe is rather modest, […]

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Birdwatching With Your Eyes Closed [Book & Podcast Review]

Thumbnail image for Birdwatching With Your Eyes Closed [Book & Podcast Review] by Grrlscientist 7 December 2011

Summary: GrrlScientist reviews a new book by Simon Barnes Birdwatching with your eyes closed accompanied with a free downloadable podcast. The book teaches you to open your ears to appreciate and recognize birdsounds. Eighty percent of bird watching is listening “Eighty percent of bird watching is listening”, I often told my university students whilst we squished through […]

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Book review: Reservoir Cats

Thumbnail image for Book review: Reservoir Cats by Gunnar 14 May 2011

They came, they saw, they sprayed – and then they fucked off. A dog would never do that. I should have written this review ages ago.  Or maybe Kenn should have written it, or Tom? It would have been great to have scooped all the other superblogs getting the first review out there and thus […]

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