James Currie ~On National Geographic WILD

Thumbnail image for James Currie ~On National Geographic WILD by dAwN FiNe 17 January 2012

Great news Via The American Birding Association Blog The National Geographic WILD TV network is debuting Aerial Assassins, hosted by James Currie on Friday, January 20, 2012. The new hour-long show delves into the Sonoran Desert to track Harris’s Hawks. A former wildlife wrangler, Currie also hosts, Nikon’s Birding Adventures TV, the first bird-watching travel show […]

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Waders Galore

Thumbnail image for Waders Galore by Alex Vargas 7 October 2011

Thailand is invaded by thousands of waders every winter… Kho Kham it’s a fantastic site to photograph them! Just over an hour away from Bangkok, Kho Kham Salt Pans it’s a great meeting and feeding spot for resident and migrant species of waders. On the right time, you can see thousands… Literally! Kho Kham represents […]

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Darwin’s Sexy Sons May Not Be Sexy Enough

Thumbnail image for Darwin’s Sexy Sons May Not Be Sexy Enough by GregLaden 9 September 2011

He who admits the principle of sexual selection will be led to the remarkable conclusion that the nervous system not only regulates most of the existing functions of the body, but has indirectly influenced the progressive development of various bodily structures and of certain mental qualities. Courage, pugnacity, perseverance, strength and size of body, weapons […]

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Darwin’s Sexy Sons

Thumbnail image for Darwin’s Sexy Sons by GregLaden 2 September 2011

Darwin saw the same thing others had seen … an enigma of nature … and took equal note of it. But others explained this enigma in a way that made sense to them but that was completely wrong. Darwin produced an alternative explanation that was both convincing and frightening. Darwin’s explanation was much closer to […]

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Black Dogs and Orange Tips

Thumbnail image for Black Dogs and Orange Tips by CharlieMoores 8 April 2011

I may well be committing a major faux-pas here at Birdingblogs.com by writing two posts in a row that don’t actually feature a bird of any sort (I’m sure someone will tell me if I am), but as I now spend part of my time in a wooden shed editing podcasts and a good chunk […]

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Make The Spring Alive

Thumbnail image for Make The Spring Alive by Gyorgy Szimuly 4 February 2011

With the help of social media news are spreading like hell. While Facebook and Twitter made revolution in Egypt these platforms support bird conservation as well. Having a large enough audience could make a difference. BirdLife International have been doing a very nice and important job on bird conservation. The current initiative is amazing. Kids […]

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Christmas Feast: Macaroni and Cheese

Thumbnail image for Christmas Feast: Macaroni and Cheese by Kenn Kaufman 23 December 2010

My wife Kimberly and I, as two bird-obsessed people, may not celebrate the holidays in quite the same ways that an average couple would. This year we’ll go on Christmas Bird Counts and get together with birding friends, as well as family members, before we leave to chase birds in Central America. Two years ago, […]

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