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Stunning Peru bird photography

Thumbnail image for Stunning Peru bird photography by Gunnar 30 November 2011

Photographing birds in Peru. Once in a while you come across bird photography that is so jaw-dropping that you simply want to throw your camera to the floor in dispair and scream “I need a new camera with a longer lens, more megapixels and a flash as strong as sunlight”.  Then  you buy a new […]

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Happy Birthday Birdingblogs

Thumbnail image for Happy Birthday Birdingblogs by Gunnar 20 October 2011

Birdingblogs started on Oct 20, 2010 as a joint effort between a number of bird bloggers. We can only conclude that it has been very successful for everyone involved. One year later Birdingblogs has positioned itself around position five or six on NatureblogNetwork and has Google Page Rank 4. All very well for a new […]

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The future of birding

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What is the future of birding. Are big days or big years really that interesting to people in general? Can birding really become main stream, and will listing be interesting enough for masses of people? Did you ever wonder why there are more hunters in the world than birders? Why are there more people interested in fishing than in birding? For all I know, there are probably even more stamp-collectors than birders.

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Four birds – that hurts

Thumbnail image for Four birds – that hurts by Gunnar 21 September 2011

Tristan Reid aka as Binocularface is doing a painful quest. He is raising money for bird conservation in Turkey, while adding 20 tattoos of Turkish birds to his arms. So far he has raised £1,420.00. The goal is to raise £10, 000. Check out the first 4 bird tattoos. Aren’t they something?

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Are you going to the birdfair?

Thumbnail image for Are you going to the birdfair? by Gunnar 28 July 2011

The BIG British BirdFair Meet-up. It might be a surprise to some that I am actually going to the British Birdfair this year. Last year about this time I was promoting the Virtual Birdfair on my blog- an idea that the resources at the birdfair would be better sought on-line on a central portal which […]

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Pathetic pelagics in Peru

Thumbnail image for Pathetic pelagics in Peru by Gunnar 22 July 2011

Steve Howell, Hadoram Shirihai and Peter Harrison comment on the fabulous pelagics from Peru run by Kolibri Expeditions. Now there is only one problem. There is no boat. But there may well be one – if you can help it. In fact it is a very good offer. You gotta check it out.

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How to niche an eco-lodge into a birding-lodge

Thumbnail image for How to niche an eco-lodge into a birding-lodge by Gunnar 18 July 2011

Gunnar Engblom has visited Amazon Refuge on the Yanayacu river near Iquitos. Here Gunnar presents a manual how an eco-lodge should cater to birders with an example Amazon Refuge as an example. A birding lodge is easier to market than an eco-lodge especially if there are some good birds that birders would do a detour to see. A birding lodge targets a very specific niche and makes marketing much easier.

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Satipo Road – new name?

Thumbnail image for Satipo Road – new name? by Gunnar 30 June 2011

For fundraising purposes the birding circuit known as Satipo Road needed a new name. Rainforest Partnership has a hard time to market a road as a pristine area among non-birders, and the name Pampa Hermosa which has been used in the past is already in use at two other birding sites in Peru. A recent poll singled out Colibri Trail as the favorite, which makes much sense since there are 45 species of Hummingbirds recorded from this area. Colibri means Hummingbird in virtually every language except English.

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Facebook for birders with a cause

Facebook logo by Gunnar 4 June 2011

Those that read my regular blog where I post less and less frequently since I started Birdingblogs, know that I am obsessed about Social Media in general and Facebook in particular.  I have already promoted that birders do well in connecting more on Facebook on a personal level in for instance this post:  Every birder […]

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Jonathan Franzen: Liking Is for Cowards.

Thumbnail image for Jonathan Franzen: Liking Is for Cowards. by Gunnar 30 May 2011

Bestseller author Jonathan Franzen is a birder Jonathan Franzen is a very famous modern American author praised by the critics and awarded many fine nominations and awards. He has been compared with Tolstoy. Or so I am told, because I have not read him yet. I’ll be frank to you. Two months ago, I did not […]

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BirdingBlogs Fest #003 May 21, 2011

Thumbnail image for BirdingBlogs Fest #003 May 21, 2011 by Gunnar 25 May 2011

6 posts from the past week of awesome blogs about birds. Tips for point and shoot cameras; Pelagic birding featuring Blue Fulmar and Zino’s Petrel; Fantastic shots of Ruby-throated Hummingbird; and Tom McKinney in one of his funniest posts – on how to identify plugs from DSLR photos on the Forum. Enjoy!

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Birdingblogs Fest #002 May 15, 2011

Thumbnail image for Birdingblogs Fest #002 May 15, 2011 by Gunnar 16 May 2011

Warbler week. This is not how I planned this. Trying to get together a new birdingblog fest in just a few hours before the publication. But I have been busy, having vacation… and now I am past Saturday and it is already Sunday…. Oh dear! For next week I shall start sowing the seed a […]

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Colombian Mysteries

Thumbnail image for Colombian Mysteries by Gunnar 12 May 2011

Colombia has a lot of birds and not all are easy to identify. While in the old days, the info of field guides was scanty and a lot of birds not seen well or being very cryptic had to be discarded as simple – ID unknown! Luckily, today we can get both photos and recordings […]

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Birdingblogs Fest #001 May 7, 2011

Thumbnail image for Birdingblogs Fest #001 May 7, 2011 by Gunnar 7 May 2011

No time to follow all the birdingblogs out there? How to sellect the best blog posts among the 1000s of posts out there? We will do it for you. Guaranteed the best of birdblogging will show here on a weekly basis.

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Thumbnail image for Birdingblogs.Collected by Gunnar 5 May 2011

Birdingblogs compilation Just because “I and the Bird” birding blog carnival died – this does not mean that birdblogging has died. There are more birdbloggers out there than ever. One of BirdingBlogs chief objective is to share good birding blogs. Readers of this blog may remember that we started about a 6 weeks  ago something […]

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RIP IATB – Long live BirdingBlogs.

Thumbnail image for RIP IATB – Long live BirdingBlogs. by Gunnar 2 May 2011

IATB – No More! IATB was published with its final edition today. A five year old institution dies. First read Mike Bergin’s excellent IATB obituary on 10000birds. UPDATE May 3, 2011: Also read Mike’s note on ABA blog, where he links to several of the very best IATB  editions. Then check the #149 edition of […]

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Women for Conservation – in ProAves reserves in Colombia

Thumbnail image for Women for Conservation – in ProAves reserves in Colombia by Gunnar 28 April 2011

In last week’s post, Colombian bird conservation NGO – ProAves – did not come out in good light, and even if that critique was justified, one should not forget some of the very impressive work that is being done at the ProAves reserves. One of my favorite projects is that called Women for Conservation. It […]

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Is the credibility of ProAves and ABC damaged?

Thumbnail image for Is the credibility of ProAves and ABC damaged? by Gunnar 20 April 2011

In a recently published letter by The Condor editor it is revealed that a referee on the editorial board for the ProAves magazine Conservacion Colombiana acted unethically and manoeuvred to trick the Condor out of considering Diego Caranton’s manuscript for the new Antpitta in NW Colombia. Is the credibility of ProAves and in extension ABC damaged? Time for some damage control?

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Birding top-lists

Thumbnail image for Birding top-lists by Gunnar 24 March 2011

Think NatureblogNetwork! Think Fatbirder Top 1000! Here are the first dedicated topsites for Birding Tour Operators and for single person birdingblogs all around the world. There are specific categories for geographic areas – and some specific topics such as world birding, pelagics, bird photography and birdfeeding.

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