Jeff Gordon

Spreading The Magic of Birding.

Thumbnail image for Spreading The Magic of Birding. by Gunnar 4 June 2012

Spreading the birding gospel is necessary. A crowd of birders such on the photo is not a bad thing. Gunnar Engblom argues that there is a birder in all of us, and that festivals such as the Biggest Week of American Birding can convert the Muggles to find the magic of birding.

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Cape May Yellow-rumped Madness

by JeffGordon 3 November 2010

I realize I’m running the risk of being typecast here, but I’m featuring Yellow-rumped Warbler video for the second week in a row here. Remember the hyperbolic little joke I made about having to clear these guys out of the way with a snow shovel? Well, last weekend in these parts, that wasn’t far off. […]

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Consider the Yellow-rumped

Thumbnail image for Consider the Yellow-rumped by JeffGordon 27 October 2010

Hello, everyone! Below is a 49 second video of a Yellow-rumped Warbler. It’s a Yellow-rumped Warbler that was hanging around in the vicinity of a lot of noisy, noisy Canada Geese, so you might want to turn the volume down before clicking play. (If you don’t see the video player above, try reloading the page. […]

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