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Alphabet Bird Collection | Book Review

Alphabet Bird Collection acrylic painting by <a href=Shelli Ogilvy (2008)" /> by Grrlscientist 8 May 2013

Magpie. Image: acrylic painting by Shelli Ogilvy (2008). Summary: A delightful book for baby birders that is crammed with poetry, information and gorgeous paintings of birds! Oh yeah, it teaches the letters of the English alphabet, too. Do you wish to share your love of birds, art and books with (your) children? If so, then […]

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Birdfinding guide to Australia

Thumbnail image for Birdfinding guide to Australia by Gunnar 14 March 2011

New birdfinding guide I got this article Simon Mustoe of about the new birdfinding guide for Australia by  Richard Thomas and Sarah Thomas, with help of David Andrews and Alan McBride.  I have not yet been to Australia, but from what I can see this is a fantastic resourse to the continent where birds […]

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