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Quarter Finals in World Birding Destination Cup 2013

Thumbnail image for Quarter Finals in World Birding Destination Cup 2013 by Gunnar 13 February 2013

There are only 8 birding destinations left, as the game is getting tighter and the choices more difficult. Which destinations do you hold as the best in these four pairs. Vote now! Voting closes on Feb 19 at 8 PM EST. Please vote in all games.

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Flores Scops-Owl photographed .

Thumbnail image for Flores Scops-Owl photographed . by Gunnar 11 November 2010

Rare Indonesian owl photographed by Danes News from BirdLife International today – accompanied by the splendid photographed of a Flores Scops-Owl featured above – tells about a Danish funded conservation project for the forests around Mbeliling on Flores, Indonesia. The Flores Scops Owl that is just as enigmatic as the Long-whiskered Owlet in Peru. Only […]

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Unique way of birding trip reporting

Thumbnail image for Unique way of birding trip reporting by Gyorgy Szimuly 29 October 2010

Most of the non-lazy birdwatchers are keen to share experiences of their birding trips from preparation to the full list of birds. While many of them are detailed it is sometimes quite hard to track the records which site they belong to. A few weeks ago I  came across a very cool online tool called […]

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Birds from Sulawesi

Thumbnail image for Birds from Sulawesi by SusanMyers 23 October 2010

Susan Myers is in techno-wilderness of Halmahera. Here she sends some Sulawesi bird pictures from her iPhone!

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