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Biggest Week alerts to your cellphone

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There is a new service called If This Than That which basically creates RSS feeds for different internet services and which works like a charm for Twitter hashtag alerts sent as SMS to your cell phone. Learn how to use it!

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More Big Year trailers

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John Cleese tells us the story about birding. We have covered a few bits and pieces on the upcoming birding movie with Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson here and here and an interview with Steve Martin here.  Here are a couple of new video clips. Some may not show in your region. There are […]

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The future of birding

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What is the future of birding. Are big days or big years really that interesting to people in general? Can birding really become main stream, and will listing be interesting enough for masses of people? Did you ever wonder why there are more hunters in the world than birders? Why are there more people interested in fishing than in birding? For all I know, there are probably even more stamp-collectors than birders.

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Big Year trailer is out

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Will birding be mainstream now? – or will birder be regarded as even more introvert and crazy after this? Finally, the trailer from the much awaited – in birder circles – movie based on Mark Obmascik’s book The Big Year (aff link to Kindle version) about three obsessed birders who independently decide to do a […]

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Journal Club: American crows: the ultimate angry birds?

Thumbnail image for Journal Club: American crows: the ultimate angry birds? by Grrlscientist 6 July 2011

Newly published research shows that crows remember the faces of humans who have threatened or harmed them, and these memories probably last for the bird’s lifetime. Not only do crows scold dangerous people, but they include family members — and even strangers — into their mob. The hostile behaviour of crows within mobs allows naïve […]

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Review: Audubon Birds for Android

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Robert Mortenson of Birding is Fun gives Audubon Birds app for Android phones a raving review.

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