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World Birding Destination Cup 2013 2nd round.

Thumbnail image for World Birding Destination Cup 2013 2nd round. by Gunnar 21 January 2013

More excitement as 16 destinations are left in the World Birding Destination Cup 2013. You may vote for your favorites. What will it be. Peru or Borneo? Ecuador or Antarctica? New Guinea or SE Brazil? Australia or Pantanal? Costa Rica or Galapagos? North Peru or Alaska? Madagascar or Colombia?
Many difficult choices, but how about the all African derby? Kenya or South Africa? Have fun!

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World Bird Cup 2013

Thumbnail image for World Bird Cup 2013 by Gunnar 1 January 2013

Facebook fun Do you remember World Bird Cup from last year? We had different birds around the world put up against each other for popularity. In the final Marvelous Spatuletail against Philippine Eagle, the eagle won a narrow win at the deadline. But votes kept on coming in after the deadline resulting in more votes for the Hummingbird. […]

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Great garden birding

Thumbnail image for Great garden birding by DaleForbes 16 October 2011

As a birder we pretty much always have our eyes peeled for birds. It is in us. And we cannot escape it. In the parking lot of the local grocery store, from my office window, and even while watching TV (heard a Willow Warbler in CSI Miami a few days ago). And besides when we […]

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The 50 best birds in Africa (part 1)

Thumbnail image for The 50 best birds in Africa (part 1) by DaleForbes 10 July 2011

Africa has tons of great birds to offer, from the reclusive Grey-necked Rockfowl, to the super-DIY Weavers, and the powerful and enigmatic Martial Eagle. But what qualifies a bird to be on a “best birds” list. In Susan Myer’s “ 50 best birds of Asia“, she focused on the birds that moved her in some […]

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Digiscoping the African Wattled Plover (Vanellus senegallus)

Thumbnail image for Digiscoping the African Wattled Plover (Vanellus senegallus) by DaleForbes 8 May 2011

The African Wattled Plover (Lapwing)is found throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa and while it can be locally fairly common, it is typically not considered a common species. It is the largest lapwing in southern Africa and because of its crazy facial make-up always makes for a wonderful find. Whilst in the Hartbeespoort Dam area (just […]

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A Drakensberg Good-morning

Thumbnail image for A Drakensberg Good-morning by DaleForbes 1 May 2011

The Drakensberg is a mountain range stretching some 1000km along the eastern side of South Africa, with its highest peaks being 3,482 metres (11,424 ft) above sea level. On our way up from the KwaZulu-Natal (eastern) coast up to the North-west Province, we decided to stop for a night at the Sterkfontein Dam / Oliviershoek Pass (1730m […]

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South African Shrikes

Thumbnail image for South African Shrikes by DaleForbes 10 April 2011

South Africa has 21 regularly occurring shrike species; including 3 skulking Tchagras, 6 colourful Bush-shrikes and 2 vociferous hoodlum Helmet-shrikes. The boldest of them all have got to be the Bush-Shrikes; characterized by bright yellow and green plumage. Typically singly or in pairs, their skulking manner can make Bush-shrikes often surprisingly hard to find; and […]

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Taita Falcon

Thumbnail image for Taita Falcon by Gunnar 7 November 2010

Meet South Africa’s rarest bird – The Taita Falcon Africa’s Taita Falcon is so rare, that are very few photos available on the internet. A search on Flickr drew a complete blank. Here is a fascinating story of South Africa’s rarest bird….. Few people have heard of South Africa’s rarest bird – and even fewer […]

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