Birding South America

Interview with Noah Strycker

Thumbnail image for Interview with Noah Strycker by Gunnar 10 February 2015

Noah Strycker is on a quest for 5000 birds in year. The ultimate BIG YEAR. We asked him some questions. DO you have any questions you want to ask him?

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Kinglet Calyptura is a Tyrant Flycatcher

Thumbnail image for Kinglet Calyptura is a Tyrant Flycatcher by Rich Hoyer 30 June 2012

The world’s largest bird family just got one bigger, now about 415 species. The enigmatic Kinglet Calyptura, best known from specimens over a hundred years old, seems to be close to extinction in the wet forests of southeastern Brazil. It’s been long touted as an example of the bizarre diversity within the neotropical suboscine family […]

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SACC Accepts Colombian Chachalaca Split

Thumbnail image for SACC Accepts Colombian Chachalaca Split by Rich Hoyer 6 January 2011

The South American Classification Committee has made final the split of Colombian Chachalaca, Ortalis colombiana, from Speckled Chachalaca, Ortalis guttata. This is an old chestnut of allopatric populations on which various authorities have taken different views over the years.  SACC has had this issue down as requiring a proposal for many years.  There has now […]

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