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Ruby Tuesday

Thumbnail image for Ruby Tuesday by Rebecca Nason 21 October 2011

MALE SIBERIAN RUBYTHROAT – SHETLAND, UK It has been a while since I have posted on Birdingblogs and what better way of returning than to mention a particularly rare and stunning bird which is at this very moment sculking in the undergrowth of a small garden in Gulberwick on the Shetland mainland – the cream […]

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Winging it on Fair Isle

Thumbnail image for Winging it on Fair Isle by Rebecca Nason 4 August 2011

Winging it on Fair Isle . . . . Puffin Flight Photography – July Update. My favourite image taken on Fair Isle during my whistle-stop visit, a Puffin in flight interacting with other Puffins on land below. It has been a very hectic July and seems to be looking likely that August will go the […]

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Bird Ringing – how safe are mist nets?

Thumbnail image for Bird Ringing – how safe are mist nets? by Rebecca Nason 30 June 2011

How safe are mist nets? Photo: Sand Martins in mist net by © Rebecca Nason The following article has been forwarded to me and I thought I’d share in with my fellow birding bloggers, many of whom may be bird ringers/banders or have a general interest in the use of mist nets in bird research […]

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Flaparazzi – is that a new word?

Thumbnail image for Flaparazzi – is that a new word? by Gunnar 13 June 2011

A new word has been coined for the UK Twitchers. And it is not very nice. Flaparazzi. In two The Telegraph articles about the British Birdwatching scene – describes the mad recent twitch at Hartlepool where a White-throated Robin turned up in the Garden of Dr Michaal Reece behind his 3m walls. That would not stop the Flaparazzi.

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Featured~Blow me away~Bird Blogger of the Week

Thumbnail image for Featured~Blow me away~Bird Blogger of the Week by dAwN FiNe 25 March 2011

Howdee all, We are still in Florida..enjoying the warmth, hiking, birding and checking out the natural springs in the Ocala National Forest.. We leave next week for a two day drive to North Carolina where we will stay for a month, before heading to~two great Birding Festivals in May. ~The New River Birding and Nature […]

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Naked Bittern Exposed

Thumbnail image for Naked Bittern Exposed by Rebecca Nason 19 March 2011

Minsmere is the RSPB’s premier nature reserve on the Suffolk coast, East Anglia, UK, and luckily for me, just a stones throw away from where I live half an hours drive further down the coast. I do not visit as much as i’d like to or should, but when I do, I am always pleased […]

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‘Tirrick’ Tern Gallery

Thumbnail image for ‘Tirrick’ Tern Gallery by Rebecca Nason 10 March 2011

A small ‘Arctic Tern‘ Sterna paradisaea  or ‘Tirrick‘ (Old Norse/Shetland for Arctic Tern) gallery  . . . .all taken on Fair Isle, Shetland, UK. It won’t be long before these stunning long distance migrants are back on their territories again!

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Featured (UK) Bird Blogger of the Week~FAB

Thumbnail image for Featured (UK) Bird Blogger of the Week~FAB by dAwN FiNe 4 March 2011

Howdee all, Welcome friends to week 17 of…Drum roll please….. ~Featured Bird Blogger of the Week~ This week we cyber-travel to the  ninth largest island in the world, to visit our featured Bird Blogger Frank Boxell of The Early Birder. Frank started blogging just over two years ago following a chance meeting with a wildlife […]

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Puffin Passion

Thumbnail image for Puffin Passion by Rebecca Nason 27 January 2011

One of the members of the Auk family,  Atlantic Puffin Fratercula arctica, is one of my all time favourite birds and probably the most photographed seabird in the world – but I don’t think you can ever have too many Puffin images! Who could not be hooked after their first encounter with one? their endearing […]

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The Crazy Mix- Birds and People

Thumbnail image for The Crazy Mix- Birds and People by MartinGarner 26 January 2011

I have had some interesting encounters in recent days. Some scary. Some wonderful. And they are all around observations in  the strange middle ground where humans and birds meet. The photo of feathers above was one such case. But just  for fun- can you identify the bird species– even to age and sex? I found this individual with a broken wing having hit some (man-made) overhead power lines. Its could just about […]

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What A Turdus!

Thumbnail image for What A Turdus! by Rebecca Nason 21 January 2011

I have just seen a new post ‘ A Tremendous Turdus’ uploaded today by Ian McKerchar on the Manchester birding website. This post is an account of the incredible sighting and gripping IMAGES of a stunning Dusky Thrush – seen briefly by non-birding plane spotter Ian Reynolds in his garden in Leigh on the 8th […]

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Feels so empty without Lee!

Thumbnail image for Feels so empty without Lee! by Gunnar 20 January 2011

The Punkbirder are famous for (among many things) putting birding lyrics to popular songs. Remember, the Gyr Crakes video “Thou shalt always bird” we shared a couple of months ago. The Punkbirder made the original lyrics for that one as well. Well, here is an excerpt of the latest hit – a cover on Eminems Without […]

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Featured Bird Blogger of the Week

Thumbnail image for Featured Bird Blogger of the Week by dAwN FiNe 14 January 2011

Howdee all, Hope you are all in a tropical environment and staying toasty warm. If you aren’t then I feel for you. As I type this, snow covers the ground and a thin sheet of ice covers that. Its lovely to look at, but.. its cold and slippery…and my old bones don’t care for it. […]

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Slaty-backed Gull in Britain?

Thumbnail image for Slaty-backed Gull in Britain? by MartinGarner 14 January 2011

A Potential First. A WOW factor adult gull was seen and photographed today by Dominic Mitchell. I think it really looks very cool! A little frustratingly he didn’t manage to see the wing pattern – but surely you feel it will show a full white ‘string of pearls’. The upperpart tone is at the paler end and will, I guess, get much […]

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‘The Glorious Twelfth’ Hot Bird Pursuits in 2010

Thumbnail image for ‘The Glorious Twelfth’ Hot Bird Pursuits in 2010 by Rebecca Nason 6 January 2011

The ‘Glorious Twelfth’ for me refers to the 12 British ‘ticks’ I saw during 2010! I am only now starting to think back what 2010 was like for me, and on all accounts it was a pretty good year! I always find birds good subjects to get the memory clogs turning, if I can remember […]

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Get out more Martin!

Thumbnail image for Get out more Martin! by MartinGarner 5 January 2011

Sheffield in northern England is well known for its former steelworks. Its where I live with my wife, Sharon and my 2 teenage daughters, Emily and Abigail. 4 years ago we moved to live on the edge of the former industrial heartland. Old warehouses, narrow streets, new blocks of flats. Maybe you can understand why […]

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A Snowy Encounter – of the third time.

Thumbnail image for A Snowy Encounter – of the third time. by Rebecca Nason 30 December 2010

The recent heavy snow conditions have no doubt been a photographers paradise throughout the UK. For me however it was met with frustration as I had a nasty flu bug to hamper my much wanted time ‘out in the field’ and my main Nikon lens was in London for repair (for far too long!) after an […]

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Going for Gold

Thumbnail image for Going for Gold by Rebecca Nason 23 December 2010

Goldcrest Christmas I thought I had managed to get away with going through all of freezing October, November and snow-filled December in the UK without getting some nasty Winter bug. But no, alas I fell at the last hurdle. . . catching this latest miserable bug I imagine whilst out Christmas shopping, bringing home a […]

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Mystery Christmas Bird

Thumbnail image for Mystery Christmas Bird by MartinGarner 23 December 2010

How do you follow a post like Rich’s Christmas Quetzal’s. I can’t. So I thought I would lower the tone and move into Birdquiz mode. It’s wildfowl season, at least that’s what I will be looking at over Christmas into 2011. So here’s an example of the errr… something wildfowlish. Here are photos of a  bird I have only seen once- […]

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Snow Birding

Thumbnail image for Snow Birding by MartinGarner 14 December 2010

I like the Snow! But then I did spend 8 childhood years in Canada, 2 of them in Brandon, Manitoba where temperatures reached down to -40 degrees. Cold- you have no idea! The door would be open to a 9 foot wall of  white- snow drift. Cars would clunk down the road each morning, on […]

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