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Book Review: Top Birding Sites of Europe by Dominic Couzens

Thumbnail image for Book Review: Top Birding Sites of Europe by Dominic Couzens by DaleForbes 15 January 2012

I love books and I really like to travel, so I started looking in to some of the offerings on the book market with collections of places which I should consider putting on my birding/visiting bucket list. Now, given that this particular list is already rather long, and my knowledge of Europe is rather modest, […]

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Tweeting birds. Finally!

Thumbnail image for Tweeting birds. Finally! by Gunnar 8 May 2011

Real birds tweet on Twitter Here is the newest viral tweeter on Twitter. A Twitter account totally run by birds. Latvian journalist Voldemars Dudums figured out a way to get birds to start tweeting with their very own Twitter account by creating a peckable keyboard. Some bacon fat is just tied up to the keyboard […]

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Aegean Rainbow

Thumbnail image for Aegean Rainbow by Rebecca Nason 14 April 2011

Phil and I have been leading birdwatching trips to the Greek Aegean Island of Lesvos for 7 years now on behalf of the Travelling Naturalist, a wildlife tour company based in Dorset, UK ( As we head into April we really start to look forward to what Lesvos 2011 might bring us as every year […]

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