Best birding blog on the web!

Thumbnail image for Best birding blog on the web! by Gunnar 31 August 2012

BOU/Ibis mention.  We are proud to hear that BOU/Ibis  blog nominated Birdingblogs as the best multi author birding blog on the Web. Look at the tweet above. BOU is using Twitter very wisely and it is very refreshing to see an institution like BOU step up and master Social Media like they do.  Their new knowledge is […]

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Happy Birthday Birdingblogs

Thumbnail image for Happy Birthday Birdingblogs by Gunnar 20 October 2011

Birdingblogs started on Oct 20, 2010 as a joint effort between a number of bird bloggers. We can only conclude that it has been very successful for everyone involved. One year later Birdingblogs has positioned itself around position five or six on NatureblogNetwork and has Google Page Rank 4. All very well for a new […]

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Birdingblogs Fest #001 May 7, 2011

Thumbnail image for Birdingblogs Fest #001 May 7, 2011 by Gunnar 7 May 2011

No time to follow all the birdingblogs out there? How to sellect the best blog posts among the 1000s of posts out there? We will do it for you. Guaranteed the best of birdblogging will show here on a weekly basis.

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