Costa Rica

Mom’s Feeder 2010 — Part 1 of 2

Thumbnail image for Mom’s Feeder 2010 — Part 1 of 2 by Alex Vargas 31 October 2012

The famous banana feeder at my mom’s house has been abandoned by periods, but everytime it gets re-activated, birds seem to be looking forward and remember quickly!… Such was the case in 2010… 23 years after my dad and I offered the very first banana… As soon as I showed 6 attractive plantains, members of […]

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Mystery Song From Carara is Rufous-breasted Wren

Thumbnail image for Mystery Song From Carara is Rufous-breasted Wren by Rich Hoyer 1 April 2012

Judging from the very few daring guesses, this was a real tough sound quiz. As I mentioned in last week’s post, I was quite surprised when I looked up to see that this nearly ultrasonic song was being given by a Rufous-breasted Wren, Pheugopedius rutilus. As a reminder, here is the song from last week: […]

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Carara National Park – A Sound Quiz

Thumbnail image for Carara National Park – A Sound Quiz by Rich Hoyer 27 March 2012

Rich Hoyer posts an audio quiz from Costa Rica plus a few birds from Carara National Park.

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Bird-Photographer Luis Vargas, a Costa Rican that Loves Dogs!

Thumbnail image for Bird-Photographer Luis Vargas, a Costa Rican that Loves Dogs! by Alex Vargas 13 October 2011

Luis Vargas, his Birds, his Dogs, his Travels and a Lesson to Everyone I decided to feature my good friend Luis (it has my last name, but we are not related), as he is a pretty simple and friendly guy that has lots of birds and story to share. He has a fantastic feeder in […]

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Alex Vargas joins

Thumbnail image for Alex Vargas joins by DaleForbes 11 September 2011

Alex Vargas’ photos always really stood out to me on facebook. And over the years I have spent more and more time exploring his various galleries to see what he has been up to and to be moved by the images he produces. Over the summer, I got to meet Alex and his family, and […]

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Costa Rica in July

Thumbnail image for Costa Rica in July by Rich Hoyer 9 August 2011

Rich Hoyer is happy to be back and posting, and this time to share just a few photo highlights from the Costa Rica tour he just completed.

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A Quetzal Christmas by Rich Hoyer 21 December 2010

Christmas Red and Green The colors red and green represent Christmas probably from traditions of using sprigs of evergreen trees and red berries to decorate – holly comes to mind. But wouldn’t it be great if we could decorate our trees with quetzals – all six species of which are red and green? The Crested […]

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Scouting the Caribbean Slope of Costa Rica

Thumbnail image for Scouting the Caribbean Slope of Costa Rica by Rich Hoyer 7 December 2010

I just spent five days in Costa Rica scouting some new lodges that I plan on including on my new July tour next year. I had actually seen the Caribbean Sea of Costa Rica once before – on a very clear day from the upper Reventazón River drainage in the mountains. This time I got […]

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wild Scarlet Macaw personalities

Thumbnail image for wild Scarlet Macaw personalities by DaleForbes 28 November 2010

Scarlet Macaws are really impressive – big, beautiful and raucous. And for three years my life revolved around them. Tough luck, hey? And there was not a moment in which I was not completely fascinated by them. I was working for a conservation organisation, called Associación Amigos de las Aves (now, The Ara Project) in […]

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