How many Longeared Owls fit in a tree?

Thumbnail image for How many Longeared Owls fit in a tree? by DaleForbes 3 June 2012

At least 200. With space for a Short-eared Owl. Well, at least if you are in the little Hungarian town of Hortobagy in Winter. We were in the steppes of Hortobagy earlier this year and our guide – Balazs Szigeti – couldn’t wait to get us in to the quaint village of Hortobagy to show […]

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Digiscoping Flying Buzzards

Thumbnail image for Digiscoping Flying Buzzards by DaleForbes 27 May 2012

Digiscoping flying birds is not exactly the easiest of things, but it has an appeal for a good deal of digiscopers. Having spent time trying to take digiscoped photos of birds in the heat of the day at massive distances, most people slowly come to the realisation that one has to get really close to […]

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Snowfinch: THE bird of the Alps

Thumbnail image for Snowfinch: THE bird of the Alps by DaleForbes 29 April 2012

The White-winged Snowfinch (Montifringilla nivalis) has got to be just about the most mountain-y bird found in the Alps – occurring exclusively above 1800m above sea level. Where trees stop, the Snowfinch stops. In fact I have only once seen a Snowfinch near a tree and that was in the depth of winter when three […]

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Could Lytro Camera Revolutionise Digiscoping?

Thumbnail image for Could Lytro Camera Revolutionise Digiscoping? by DaleForbes 15 April 2012

The new Lytro Light Field Camera has just started to ship, and for those of you who have not heard of it yet, it uses a completely new technology and approach to image capture to create something of a living image. No, nothing from or for the Daily Prophet, but a clickable image that will […]

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Hey, I’ve also been to Laem Pak Bia!

Thumbnail image for Hey, I’ve also been to Laem Pak Bia! by DaleForbes 17 December 2011

Alex Vargas – our Costa Rican birder/photographer/birdingblogs blogger living in Thailand – is currently running a 3 part blog series on Laem Pak Bia; a wonderful birding area just south-west of Bangkok. It all happened this last August when Alex graciously offered to take my wife and I out to Kaeng Krachan National Park (an […]

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Snow Bunting

Thumbnail image for Snow Bunting by DaleForbes 11 December 2011

Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis) is one of those birds that just get me salivating but, unfortunately (or maybe as a consequence of) it is a rarity in Austria and I had only seen it once, just down the road from work last year where a local birder and friend (Paul) found one in a mixed […]

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Sunrise digiscoping

Thumbnail image for Sunrise digiscoping by DaleForbes 13 November 2011

One of the things I love about digiscoping is playing with it – trying out different things. Sure I take my fair share of side-on profile singing bird portraits, but I also like to see what else is possible. In September, I spent a weekend in Falsterbo (southwestern Sweden) at the Falsterbo Bird Show, soaking […]

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Great garden birding

Thumbnail image for Great garden birding by DaleForbes 16 October 2011

As a birder we pretty much always have our eyes peeled for birds. It is in us. And we cannot escape it. In the parking lot of the local grocery store, from my office window, and even while watching TV (heard a Willow Warbler in CSI Miami a few days ago). And besides when we […]

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Vote now for the Digiscoper of the Year 2011

Thumbnail image for Vote now for the Digiscoper of the Year 2011 by DaleForbes 9 October 2011

Public voting for the Digiscoper of the Year 2011 is now open – all you need to do is go to the Digiscoper of the Year website, login, and then select your Top 10 favorite photos. Every year I am stunned by the quality of images that are entered in to the competition and this […]

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Birding & Diving Kho Tao, Thailand

Thumbnail image for Birding & Diving Kho Tao, Thailand by DaleForbes 2 October 2011

We spent the last week of our summer holidays on the beautiful island of Koh Tao off the east coast of Thailand (in the Gulf of Thailand near Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan) to spend time with one of our other great passions – the underwater world. But it wasn’t just the underwater world […]

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The stunning Javan Pond Heron

Thumbnail image for The stunning Javan Pond Heron by DaleForbes 18 September 2011

Gulls do not excite me. I am slowly starting to develop an addiction to waders, but Pond Herons, they really do it for me. I am a late-comer to Pond Herons, only having seen my first Ardeola Pond Heron in July of 2011. But it was love at first sight. Heading down toward Kaeng Krachan National […]

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Featured Digiscoper: Clay Taylor (USA)

Thumbnail image for Featured Digiscoper: Clay Taylor (USA) by DaleForbes 4 September 2011

I really like going digiscoping with Clay, there is always something to learn from him, but I love going out with him mostly just because he really loves digiscoping and sharing my passion with someone equally nuts about it is great. Clay Taylor is the Naturalist Market Manager for Swarovski Optik North America.   If […]

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A Bird Photo Hide in Thailand (part 1)

Thumbnail image for A Bird Photo Hide in Thailand (part 1) by DaleForbes 29 August 2011

Thailand offers a rich splendour of wildlife and birding opportunities and Kaeng Krachan National Park (แก่งกระจาน) is one of its absolute greatest. Bird photographer and ex-bird guide Alex Vargas very kindly offered to take us out to Kaeng Krachan when we were recently in Thailand and instead of running around searching for birds, he took […]

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Birding Doi Inthanon – Thailand’s highest mountain

Thumbnail image for Birding Doi Inthanon – Thailand’s highest mountain by DaleForbes 13 August 2011

Thailand is not only gorgeous white beaches, lowland tropical forests and Bangkok cabaret shows; there are also some great high-altitude forests. Doi Inthanon National Park in Chiang Mai province holds Thailands highest mountain (of the same name) rising up to a surprising 2565m asl (8415ft). It is pretty much solid forest all the way to […]

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Good start to Digiscoper of the Year 2011

Thumbnail image for Good start to Digiscoper of the Year 2011 by DaleForbes 4 July 2011

The Digiscoper of the Year 2011 competition started on 1 June, and being still early days, there have only been 41 entrants so far. Having said that, there are some wonderful photos amongst the first few. As with last year, you an follow the progress of the competition online, see all the photos that have […]

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Only 5 pairs Gurney’s Pitta left in Thailand

Thumbnail image for Only 5 pairs Gurney’s Pitta left in Thailand by DaleForbes 19 June 2011

Khao Nor Chuchi, near Krabi in southern Thailand has become something of a tropical birders’ mecca over the last decade – especially for those that are obsessed with pittas as, with 5 pitta species on the cards, Khao Nor Chuchi is bound to get your birder heart racing. Just the thought of Banded Pitta, Hooded […]

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South Africa’s 8 Vultures

Thumbnail image for South Africa’s 8 Vultures by DaleForbes 5 June 2011

South Africa has 8 regularly occurring and breeding vulture species, from the southern African endemic Cape Griffon Vulture (Gyps coprotheres), to the wide-spread and wide-ranging African White-backed Vulture (Gyps africanus). One of my favorite – and always a thrill to see – is the Bearded Vulture (Gypaetes barbatus). The Bearded Vulture evidently gets its strong, […]

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Pilansberg National Park, South Africa

Thumbnail image for Pilansberg National Park, South Africa by DaleForbes 29 May 2011

Pilansberg Game Reserve (and National Park) lies just 1.5-2hrs drive west of Johannesburg/Pretoria and has received some measure of fame through the bordering Sun City and Lost City (luxury casino, golf and resort complexes). But it is also a rather nice big-game area within easy reach of Gauteng (the province in which Johannesburg is situated). […]

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Reed Cormorant in Spain

Thumbnail image for Reed Cormorant in Spain by DaleForbes 22 May 2011

Spain’s only record of the Pygmy Cormorant (Microcarbo pygmaeus) is from a single cormorant collected in Catalunya in 1855, with no known records since. The large numbers of Pygmy Cormorants in Italy (particularly in the Po Delta in Northern Italy), their recent “overflow” trend to establish new satellite colonies (e.g. Neusiedlersee in Eastern Austria), Europe-wide […]

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Digiscoping the African Wattled Plover (Vanellus senegallus)

Thumbnail image for Digiscoping the African Wattled Plover (Vanellus senegallus) by DaleForbes 8 May 2011

The African Wattled Plover (Lapwing)is found throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa and while it can be locally fairly common, it is typically not considered a common species. It is the largest lapwing in southern Africa and because of its crazy facial make-up always makes for a wonderful find. Whilst in the Hartbeespoort Dam area (just […]

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