Galapagos Mockingbird

The mocking bird mocks ironically

Thumbnail image for The mocking bird mocks ironically by GregLaden 15 July 2011

Most people think of Darwin and Birds in relation to Darwin’s Finches. Unless, of course, you’ve heard a bit more about Darwin than the first-order mythology we tend to attach to our scientific leaders and know that Darwin ignored the finches and the whole bird evolution thing was figured out later by someone else. But […]

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Boobies on Tower

Thumbnail image for Boobies on Tower by Rich Hoyer 8 February 2011

Since you probably know that a booby is a bird in the genus Sula, it might help to point out that Tower is a small desert island in the far NE of the Galapagos Archipelago. So while “Boobies on Tower” might be an attention grabber for most, for Galapagueños, it’s as nonsensical as “Buildings in […]

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Tidepooling in the Galapagos

A Short-eared Owl on the WINGS Birding Tour in the Galapagos by Rich Hoyer 1 February 2011

You never know what you’ll find just poking along. The bulk of our morning of Day 5 in the Galapagos was a delightful walk out the lava “bench” inland from Puerto Egas on the island of Santiago. You wouldn’t expect at first that much would be waiting in such a bleak landscape. But look closely, […]

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Darwin’s Mocking-Thrushes

Thumbnail image for Darwin’s Mocking-Thrushes by Rich Hoyer 23 November 2010

The Mockingbirds of the Galápagos I’m just back from my week in the Galápagos Islands onboard the marine yacht Integrity. With great weather, an exceptionally hard-working crew, Richard Polatty as our naturalist guide (who must be the best in the Galápagos), and a superb group of participants, I can’t imagine a better trip. Though I […]

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