Beautiful winter birding in Bükk Hills, Hungary

Thumbnail image for Beautiful winter birding in Bükk Hills, Hungary by DaleForbes 26 February 2012

Last weekend I got to spend a wonderful day out in the Bükk Hills National Park (Bükki Nemzeti Park) in eastern Hungary. Snowfall overnight had coated the entire area in fluffy white powder, and the clouds had parted to make for absolutely stunning light and beautiful dappled colours pouring through the woodland. and later in […]

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A city as a birding hotspot

Thumbnail image for A city as a birding hotspot by Gyorgy Szimuly 5 November 2010

Geese  over Tata, Hungary While I’ve been with an urge to explore  new and exotic birding destinations, I live in a city of an annually repeated birding spectacle. It is seasonal but the 4-5 winter months  make this little town stand out compared to other European urban areas. Imagine this lake which is almost entirely […]

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Addicted to birdwatching

Thumbnail image for Addicted to birdwatching by Gyorgy Szimuly 22 October 2010

Szimi Style birding Shorebirds, bird conservation, travelling for birds and bird photography and recently a blogger… these are the keywords which could describe me and my birding interest. I thought I share a few details about me before starting to post regularly to I live in Hungary, in a small town, called Tata, which […]

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