Autumn Thrill

Thumbnail image for Autumn Thrill by YoavPerlman 20 October 2012

Autumn birding in Israel is just as exciting as in spring. The combination of huge numbers of migrants, great species richness and good rarity-hunting means birding is so much fun. While in spring exhausted migrants concentrate in southern Israel after crossing 2000 km of harsh desert before continuing north to their breeding grounds in Eurasia, […]

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Yoav Perlman joins

Thumbnail image for Yoav Perlman joins by DaleForbes 1 March 2012

Yoav Perlman of the nubijar blog fame and fantastic Israeli birder and hobby photographer will be joining Having followed Yoav’s blog for the past few year, I am really excited to see and read what he shares on because he is bound to be a fantastic compliment to the team. Before Yoav starts […]

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