Long-eared Owl

How many Longeared Owls fit in a tree?

Thumbnail image for How many Longeared Owls fit in a tree? by DaleForbes 3 June 2012

At least 200. With space for a Short-eared Owl. Well, at least if you are in the little Hungarian town of Hortobagy in Winter. We were in the steppes of Hortobagy earlier this year and our guide – Balazs Szigeti – couldn’t wait to get us in to the quaint village of Hortobagy to show […]

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Leo Musings . . . .

Thumbnail image for Leo Musings . . . . by Rebecca Nason 25 November 2010

Time Spent with Leo’s . . . Fair Isle can be a special place to enjoy many migratory birds, but one bird in particular stands out to me as a real Fair Isle special, not in the rare sense but in the views one can obtain of this usually secretive & difficult species to see […]

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