New species to science and re-discoveries

New Antbird Discovered in Northern Peru

New Antbird from Plataforma, Peru. Photo: Andrew Spencer by Gunnar 29 April 2017

A remarkable discovery of a new spectacular Antbird just a stone throw away from where birders come regularly for Scarlet-banded Barbet. But the site is threatened of deforestation. Come and visit ASAP!

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Is the credibility of ProAves and ABC damaged?

Thumbnail image for Is the credibility of ProAves and ABC damaged? by Gunnar 20 April 2011

In a recently published letter by The Condor editor it is revealed that a referee on the editorial board for the ProAves magazine Conservacion Colombiana acted unethically and manoeuvred to trick the Condor out of considering Diego Caranton’s manuscript for the new Antpitta in NW Colombia. Is the credibility of ProAves and in extension ABC damaged? Time for some damage control?

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