Northern Shoveler – New species for Peru

Thumbnail image for Northern Shoveler – New species for Peru by Gunnar 17 February 2011

Pete Morris, guide from Birdquest, made a fantastic discovery in Lima in mid Janaury. When birding Ventanilla marshes – conveniently north of Lima and easily accessible from the airport without having to tackle the thick Lima traffic – he photographed this female Northern Shoveler. Not only a first for Peru, but apparantly the southern-most record […]

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Feels so empty without Lee!

Thumbnail image for Feels so empty without Lee! by Gunnar 20 January 2011

The Punkbirder are famous for (among many things) putting birding lyrics to popular songs. Remember, the Gyr Crakes video “Thou shalt always bird” we shared a couple of months ago. The Punkbirder made the original lyrics for that one as well. Well, here is an excerpt of the latest hit – a cover on Eminems Without […]

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