Black Dogs and Orange Tips

Thumbnail image for Black Dogs and Orange Tips by CharlieMoores 8 April 2011

I may well be committing a major faux-pas here at by writing two posts in a row that don’t actually feature a bird of any sort (I’m sure someone will tell me if I am), but as I now spend part of my time in a wooden shed editing podcasts and a good chunk […]

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Naked Bittern Exposed

Thumbnail image for Naked Bittern Exposed by Rebecca Nason 19 March 2011

Minsmere is the RSPB’s premier nature reserve on the Suffolk coast, East Anglia, UK, and luckily for me, just a stones throw away from where I live half an hours drive further down the coast. I do not visit as much as i’d like to or should, but when I do, I am always pleased […]

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